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Too much N or too little P? Pics - The Garden's Cure
... sadly they didn't have anything like cha ching, just basic fox farm ferts. They ... the 1 Tablespoon (suggested by the older soil schedule) if thats the schedule your following. ...
What are you feeding your plants? - 420 Magazine
... include: Lights? Soil/Hydro? Tap/Distilled/RO water? Soil Type? Pot size? ... Budswell, Tiger Bloom Big Bloom, big bloom, cha ching, liquid Iron ( trace elements) and Molasses ...
FoxFarm's Ocean Forest Potting Mix 1.5 Cubic Feet - The Garden's Cure
... Tech Garden Supply well this is the soil im planning on using possibly. has ... liquid. I also use open sesame, beasty bloom and cha ching. Beware of these solids as too much ...
First time Hydro/DWC grower - 420 Magazine
... cased reflector with 6" air intake, cha-ching. Had to take down the old lights( ... also very easy to overwater due to the soil always being very chilled and damp. Cold, damp ...
Need advice on this product - The Garden's Cure
... used it on my outdoor grow. For a soil indoor grow I was wondering what you think ... i will be using fox farms open sesame and cha ching, was thinkin if i should add this bio- ...
Nute question..suggestions w/ fox farms - The Garden's Cure
... and cha ching. How many times should i use open sesame before switching over to cha ching? also ... to see if your soil is already pre-fertilized....most soil mixes are and you ...
Mixing Chemicals and Organics? - The Garden's Cure
... soluables. I personally use Ocean Forest soil(100% organic), Grow Big(non organic), Tiger Bloom(non organic), Big Bloom(100% organic), Cha Ching(non organic) and molasses(100 ...
What kind of nutrients do you use? - The Garden's Cure
... For a first time indoor grower, in soil, wht do you like? if you ... . *these are my additives... liquid, kool-bloom. cha-ching. sweet. gravity and/or bushmaster......use these ...
Experience using Open Sesame... - The Garden's Cure
... set, I switch to Beastie Blooms. 3 weeks before harvest I switch to Cha Ching. My buds are usually dense and covered in trichs. Quote: Originally Posted by ... does that fit in with the use of Cha Ching? ...i've read elsewhere (and it sounded pretty convincing), that for soil grows, flushing is not only unnecessary, but ...
advanced nutrients connoisseur - The Garden's Cure
... blend bloom (soil), silica blast, and when using ro, the cal-mag. It worked great, no complaints at all. Also foxfarm, grow, big bloom, tiger, cha-ching, beastie bloomz ...

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