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4 weeks flowering sour diesel growth ph flowering time question
... pistils starting to amber. Trichomes aleady cloudy maybe I saw very very few amber trichomes like more of the trichomes ... will burn taste well with white ash. Better to have ...
almost time to harvest? i think?
... trichomes with green arrows, the cloudy trichomes with yellow arrows & the red arrows mark the amber trichomes. Why did trichomes ...
*Last One to harvest* late flowering outdoors. w/pics
... amber. I usually like to harvest at this point. The last 4 days has been straight rain with cloudy ... it produce more trichomes. But i ... most of the white pistils are turning red/ ...
when are they going to finish??
... trichomes whenever necessary. cloudy crystals = mellow sativa head high amber crystals = couch-lock indica stoney high a nice mix of around 80% cloudy 20% amber ...
12-1 lighting schedule, has anyone actually tried this?
... rest fresh and white, and the production of new material such as pistils and calyxes comes to a halt. 3. IMO, the amber versus cloudy versus clear trichomes is shaky. No ...
Tahoe's TGA+HPS+UVB+CO2 = LaMonstroGooey
... nice. Thanks. "pistils receding back into the ... appear very young by comparison ... white hairs and new calyxes ... maturity - trichomes (clear-cloudy-amber); retreating ...
Balls Out First Grow(Whie Widow Scrog, 430w Son Agro Aircooled, DWC, CO2)
... harvested with 95% cloudy trichomes and no amber anywhere on the ... weeks in with obvious pistil growth. Glad I didnt ... . Trichome growth is fantastic. These buds look so white in ...
Weedoozie's 1st (ADVICE WELCOME!)
... necessary to see trichomes and I tried ... cloudy with about 20% amber while Fedora is still looking around 70% cloudy, 10% amber ... ve waited because new white pistils just sprang up ...
Red Dragon & Magic Bud - First CFL grow using "Buds for Less" light set-up
... amber trichomes are starting to appear and I certainly won't be letting it go beyond 25% to 30% amber ... its pistils white and ... trichomes were only about 5% amber, mostly cloudy ...
DWC Scrog Grow Extrema & El Monstre!
... going by just the trichomes or do you ... white pistils. I guess the budz are still packing on size. Waiting on the trichs cuz I doubt I go to amber. Cloudy with maybe a few amber ...

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