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Chimeras Calizahr
... ...BN-ZYM Right now, I am in Black Gold....just feeding straight RO (less than .1 ... ....I grew up smoking old school seeded colombian Sativas....and every now and then found ...
... sabor de la black domina las geneticas que estan hablando que parecen Skunk#1...pues en parte todos tienen razon no...Pues Skunk es Colombian x Afghani sino ... curado pierde todo so verde y queda Roja. Colombian Red. este tuvo olor a chocolate. Abrazo, Chaman Colombian Creepie. Esta Colombian Creepie nose ve muy bien....pues no fue ...
do old farts still smoke old strains?
... highly intrigued to grow some Vietnam Black. In addition someday i want to grow a bunchve old school sativas, some mexica, colombian & lastly I wouldnt mind growing ...
Strain descriptions
... effects reminds us of the best red Colombian and Panamanian sativas from the 70’s. Structure: Tall ... cold: Medium Vietnam Black x Meao Thai GENETICS Vietnam Black x Meao Thai. ...
... , maybe a African haze. Malawi, Angolese, Black Congo, Durban, Undumbi? Thanks for your time. Mota Hola Mota de Dios, A tropical colombian pure haze cross would need 4 ...
... dont like to catalogue things in black and white as smoking is something ... Colombian Red!!! Hi raco, What is colombian Moņos Rojos? Got the Colombian and rojos part. Colombian ...
shanti- SSH, Sensi's version of Jack Herer???
... Haze x (Brazilian Sativa/Sth Indian) BLACK WIDOW: (Brazilian Sativa/Sth Indian){stabile ... 1/4 NL5...Haze being Thai/Colombian origin *HASH PLANT: 100% indica HIMALAYAN GOLD: ...
~NGB Micro Cab 175/150w MH/HPS - Durban Poison, Skunk #1, Fat Skunk, Secret~
... and I believe the lines to be colombian and thai but predominantly thai if I understood ... 3 uncovered holes. I tried leaving the black paper on top of the holes to prevent ...
Your favorite band/Concert stories
... you From a thousand Deaths A cup of black and black [Die! Die!] You're dieing for a ... ; Lowell, Mich., passing a joint of primo Colombian Gold on-stage, in between rain storms, ...
Copycat Sour Diesel
... could be trusted, obviously he could not. 3)Colombian Gold x Blueberry..........and......Ge nius pheno from Black Widow.....Hmmmmn........FF/PFP was sent a Schrom, (Columbian ...

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