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How Hard is DWC to Mess Up?
... much care for it, they aren't all dead because some of the roots were in the res. Will DWC allow me to correct these kinds of issues or ... right? If I was completely unable to get my DWC buckets below 90 degrees, would that cause root rot even with tons of bubbles and peroxide? it ...
First Time DWC W/ Water Farm Buckets
... be even happier is basically the theory behind DWC and WF Buckets because they like the ... get any excess crud/fert build up, old dead roots etc out. This is something that all ...
No roots!
... your plant depending on its size will be dead. The plant in rockwool will still be alive ... 't what causes root rot in a DWC system either. Usually root rot in a DWC is caused by ...
Is Too Much Air in DWC Possible?
... problem is that the roots are not growing at all. I have two mothers also in DWC and my PK has thick white mass of roots and only a little bit of black and my MK mother has these dead orange looking roots with ...
Roots in the Res.
... later. Next time around, I will go with DWC buckets it seems more suitable for me. ... Cannazym which breaks down dead root matter and keeps the root system in very good condition ...
DWC, Water level? Over fert prob.
... rooted clones, G.H. 3-2-1 TDS=842, solution. #2, water level in DWC too high so root ... 250-300 PPM solution. Should i cut the dead leaves off now? or have they gone through ...
DWC GDP/Blue Dream grow log.
DWC GDP/Blue Dream grow log. - Page 6 DAY 65 I did a wee bit of trimming away at the dead ... based off of this information. My roots look healthy, but tomorrow will ...
DWC GDP/Blue Dream grow log.
DWC GDP/Blue Dream grow log. Hello, Iím starting this grow log so I can benefit from the experience of others. I purchased 6 rooted ... dead on! Long, stringy roots ...
I want to trim back rootball/dwc...suggestions?
... ...well actually i mis-spoke, I meant the roots that hang down in dwc that were tangled up with the dead roots of the other plants, I didn't actually ... , as long as you dont harm the tap root(fat root of plant) i`m not suggesting to trim all feeder roots, just some to get it under control ...
DWC clones dont start growing!
... This is my first DWC setup ever, and two weeks ago I managed to root two clones from bagseed. ... first. Don't worry, if they are not dead yet and you do the stuff we recommended, ...

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