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Noob tips: Mother plants
... tips: Mother plants Hey guys, Here is ... many shoots for cloning, quickly. It's called "deep water culture" What you will need : (1) 3 gallon black ...
Questions and tips for myself for growing
... tips for myself for growing i ... drip, and how often a day DWC = Deep Water Culture, look it up in the GROWFAQ. ...
Water Level in DWC?
... 's meant to increase water o2 levels. By the way, there’s a little info on DWC at this link: Top Tips - The Aero Pod™ Professional Deep Water Culture aka The Bubbler ...
Leaf tip Issues? - THCfarmer
... tip Issues? - Page 2 - THCfarmer Your temperature ... deep water culture, a form of hydroponics. A chiller does just that, chills. Water, instead of air. It's a water ...
Brown tips, what do i do?
... increase till they show a brown tip or two?? Originally we were just ... Still learning the lingo. Deep Water Culture right? Deep Water Culture right? Right Unofficial Glossary ...
reg water and Mycorrhizal Fungi
... deep water culture and run the water temp at 80 degrees and not have any root rot or algae. KILL IT WITH UV! My bacteria does fine in tap water ...
Can you over-water Coco?
... in those pots. Just a tip/suggestion if I may. ... watering solves this problem completely... If there was really any such thing as too much water, then Deep Water Culture ...
Root Tip
... of 10 root tips they are still long, but broke the actual tip just wondering ... too familiar with this process. Deep Water Culture. Fancy term for growing in a bucket of water ...
Current culture re-circulating
... 2 tips: - keep your water temps down, get yourself a chiller - don't overdo it with the nutrients in this system That just looks like a RDWC (recirculating deep water culture ...
Leaves have hooks
... tiny little hook looking things in the tips of the leaves. I have a picture. ... an ebb and flow system, or a straight deep water culture bubbler system. If anyone has pro's ...

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