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smokin5280's RDWC - Round Two - Clone Grow
... Two - Clone Grow - Page 10 - Forums Water bucket and ... Well I checked on the girls tonight and the drooping one looks better...everything else seems to be ...
smokin5280's RDWC - Round Two - Clone Grow
... enough extra stuff to build a little clone machine. Quote: Originally Posted by smokin5280 ... . Pulled 6 yesterday and all were drooping...not today! In the water is ...
clones didnt want to root. Why?
... half the water put clones in a humidty dome. a dome over clone tray maybe spay ... i didnt read above, but they should droop. thatll happen becuase of the shock they go ...
4 1/2 week plant under cfl, drooping problem
... a lightproof flowering chamber and a veg/cloning room at my new place. Right ... needs all the way to flowering. your drooping is either underwatering or overwatering. you also ...
1st grow - 2nd day - leaves drooping/curling already
... feeding her rhizotonic only. I appreciate everybody's input. im having drooping issues with my clones but im indoor..would cutting my leaves benefit them..(i see you ...
1st grow - 2nd day - leaves drooping/curling already
... system i am using. Just put in 5 clones a few days back, leaves are curling and ... the same DWC design, I realized that the drooping was caused by under-watering. I also had ...
Transporting Clones Across Michigan
... which was inside a cooler. They obviously drooped once they went in the cloner but recovered well. These clones are older clones, with a nice root system, all about ... anyone had any good suggestions or have done this before with more mature clones/plants. (BTW, they are for hydro so they're not in any soil ...
Clones almost instant death
... them in cloning gel. Then into the neoprene covers and in cloner. Then lighting is T5 flouro cool bulbs. Within 1 hour they are completely drooped down. I ... to flower till I have some matching clones so once I know the females.........clone the shit out of that corresponding clone thus all females. I wish I would ...
What's wrong with my clone
... would you wait so long to cut a clone? clones always get worse before they get better, it ... it doesn't turn brown and crispy or droop over and die you're fine. It's ...
3rd Times a Charm!!! Clones; 5 Bubble Gum 2 Black Domina
... esp. during flowering... uhoh, were they drooping in that last pic because of being ... up i want for my mother and clones while i have others in my flowering. ...

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