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Hawaii Growers
... he got from his friends he said was duckfoot. Anyone know of any hawaii duckfoot strain and know if the smoke is medical? What ...
Hawaii Growers
... to know its indica. hey tardis, punabud got the lowdown on the duckfoot. I remember seeing him post about it a few times.when he ...
Hawaii Growers
... Originally Posted by maligs808 Here's a little more of the "duckfoot". I like it. brah, I'm starting to feel a connection ...
I need some help
... like Lowrider . It depends on what the seeds were. There are seeds like Duckfoot that have different leaves than tipical. Doesn't mean anything ...
wallyduck breeder packs
... gonna get rid of the genetics.... Until I was told what it was, DuckFoot, I was given a little more info and am now wishing I had ...
Duck Foot
... to that strain?? no one remembers the duckfoot eh?? good question. It came from a ...
Maple Leaf Indica
... afghani's dominant traits. maybe i'm getting the strain mixed up with duckfoot, but i seem to remember that another reason it got it's name ...
A rare breed of seeds
... of pics would like to see how it turns out. I dusted a duckfoot with purp kush.. so im getting a purplefoot. lol. for real though ...
Uncle Ben's Topping Technique to Get 2 or 4 Main Colas
... think FIM is a farce, can't advise ya. I fim'd a duckfoot like 7 years ago and it grew 4 main colas. I wish i still had that strain. Did you ever get to try the duckfoot? I was a rook and the plant died in a 1 gallon pot ...
looking for total mutant genes
... deformities to cloning a autoflower. someone has started this project, duckfoot is supposed to be a pretty strange leafed strain i ...

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