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DIY Multisite Ebb and Flow vs DWC Bucket System???
... Multisite Ebb and Flow vs DWC Bucket System??? Anyone got any ideas on how to make an ebb and flow bucket system similar to the one here.... 12 Site Ebb ...
Hydroponics VS Soil (plz read)
... VS Soil (plz read) - Page 3 I have both going right now ebb n flow and fox ... about to try my hand at a homemade dwc so who knows maybe i will be converted ...
ebb & flood vs drip feed? - The Garden's Cure
... vs.? im just curious to know? Thanx What kida pots to use in a drip and /or ebb& ... done dwc! Thanx That argument did make good sense ;-) I got a lot of experience with ebb and ...
1 Plant DIY Recirculating DWC Test - 420 Magazine
... it once. Update. Day 3 in flower. Drained dwc and ebb, flushed with foxfarm sledgehammer for 1hr45min and drain ... a second tote for my ro to fill vs the tiny 3.2 g tank it came ...
1st Grow - Ebb-N-Grow : Afghan Kush, White Widow, Bag Seed! - 420 Magazine
... ebb and flow to my grow. I don't say that about DWC blind. I have several early grows with DWC ... one stage as opposed to another (Veg vs. Flower). Asking because I'd like to ...
Ebb and flow vs. bubbler
... DWC, and it works great. I have an Ebb&Flow system, and the DWC blows it away, flat out. in two weeks my ebb ...
DD's Top feed DWC hydro tubs from the DIY[a dd request] - THCfarmer
... . I tried somthing different this time, i put a 4 x 6 ft ebb nflow table up. I sat 12 - 12 litre pails with the bottoms drilled ... choose to feed in veg...or does it? ebb n flow vs. constant drip vs. dwc vs. aero? I was gonna veg dwc with the 35 gallon res with 4 but now ...
few dwc questions, your advice greatly appreciated - THCfarmer
... dwc, so here they are: #1 - regarding the size of the tub, what is recommended? Is there a big difference advantage to using 14 gal rubbermaid tubs vs ... look into Ebb & Flow, ...
Organic Soil Yield Vs. DWC Chemmy yield.
... the roots;pushing out the old sucking in the new (ebb&flo),not to mention adding 30% more perlite creates ... to do a side by side run where you test dwc vs soil ;) Wink ...
Whats best in a 4x4 1kw grow, Hydro VS aero VS coco???
... grow, Hydro VS aero VS coco??? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Right now ... m debating whether or not to setup a dwc bucket, ebb n flow, or aero system in a ...

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