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Stealth AK47 Clone Grow
... the next feedings after this are all the bloom formula. Day 14 Wokeup this morning and decided to go look at more clones. I was ...
my first attempt at a clone feeder tray for about a $100
... Soon it will be getting time for me too start thinking about taking clones off my plants. so i needed a place to keep the the babys ... fit in my closet and ill place my clones in them and wont have to worry as much about feeding them. so there u go open to ...
cloning questions. help
... like the motherplant. Feed your mothers before you clone, and make sure they had a good drink of water. The clones live off energy ...
Do my clones look like there doing fine?
... supposed to keep rockwool wet, it works very well for cloning when saturated. I suggest you use nutrient solution instead ... or water. Mist only with water, btw. Foliar feeding ...
first time cloning!! need help !!
... a few clones and i need to know exactly what i need to get started...ex: light i should use for 2-3 plants, soil, nutes, feeding scedule ... is ready, all lined up with reflective material, just need to buy the clones and hang my lamp...which reminds it got dip-n-grow for the ...
Cloning To Tell Sex... Quick Question
... . when they can survive without foliar feeding (or humidity dome for that matter) ... clone 1 12/12 clone it, if female pull more to clone an grow?.. thank you Cloning ...
Clones Not Working Out
... is trying to root, then foliar feed. Im also waiting for my first roots on my very first 2 clones that I take from a mother plant ...
Rocklock + Strawberry Cough Clones
... leaves too Nice job on the clones. I want to try that ... of epsom salts the last couple feedings for a potential Mg deficiency. The ...
Cloning questions :o
... pretty sure you're not supposed to spray anything on the clones while they're cloning(unless u are doing the humidity dome/cube rooting ... , the leaves are feeding the plant H20 until you are rooted. I'm not sure how your system would vary from planting a clone in rockwool or a ...
new clones
... so I have new cuts and one clone that has rooted out of the ... pics noone cares! I would not feed for a couple weeks, or go extremely ...

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