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cross pollenating a good idea?
... its own seeds in pods and they will all be female as its off a female plant (I recommend you ... on what plants u are using to get pollen and what mother plant u wish to pollinate ...
Flower a clone?
... white hairs(female) and pods(males). eliminate all the males once you discover them, and before the pods open to spread their pollen. you can then return the female clones to ...
Male and Female pictures
... the males apart from the females and harvest the pollen for future seeds! Enigma ... i thought it was a female haha how dumb i felt when those pods grew bragen too much ...
Male, Female Or Hermi Pic's
... their pollen I see boys. if the pod sacks have ... POD SACS HAVE OPENED..............MY OTHER PLANTS ARE SHOWING FEMALE CHARACTERISTICS ...
male, female or hermie? Please help the new guy
... us its male is all the ball like pods.... females. the bud is made from hairs pretty ... this world to clean up, you will have pollen all over everything in your grow area.. ...
Playin' with Pollen pt.1 « Micro-Fluo « OpenGrow
... shake DE pods over the vulva ... pollen, so they wouldn't reach the girls, so no pollination with water. As you already mentioned, i would like to shake the male above the females ...
i need some info - Stoner Forums
... want seeds let the male go till u harvest ur females. But if u want to clone ur females its faster and not as hard to do just ... all the male is going to do is seed up your females if it has already got pollen pods on it then it could be to late that is ...
Clueless to how my females turned to hermies, can a tomato polinate cannabis? - Stoner Forums
... seed pods forming all on my buds. It's not adding up, they are female clones. ... chance to mature, open and drop their pollen on the female flowers. It is a little daily chore ...
Killing the males makes more hermies - The Garden's Cure
... out male flowers thru their dual sex pods.BUMMER,i say! However,i was losing ... moron lets the pollen get in the air how far can the nark's(female/female) pollen go miles. ...
6.5 weeks in to 12/12...noticing a couple seed pods, anything I can do to minimize - 420 Magazine
... only" found fifteen seed pods and mostly were in just ... question the pollen sacs mature at one time ... that I know were female and then partway through flowering ...

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