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Adding Carbs To Your Grow - THCfarmer
... bud swell and increased taste. But I want to taste each individual plant and not a uniform cotton candy ... something like the carboload or the final flush that is making it taste ...
Adding Carbs To Your Grow - THCfarmer
... Sweet gave a better final result. But again that ... buds and enhance the taste to something nice. i've read this thread and Bud Candy ... be here for the flushing. thank you to all ...
Mile High Club and Sour Diesel - THCfarmer
... final ... flush and gonna cut down in 2 weeks. Sour Diesel is just full of blockhead buds ...
BudGoggles perpetual UCs grow show - THCfarmer
... Did a flush on the bs2.2xog and ... . Shady did the frosty finally make its way around your ... snapping bud shots of all the sugary eye candy though... lookin ...
Adv Nutes Sensi A&B Line up. Whats needed and not? - THCfarmer
... of the additives from AN most likely voodoo juice bud candy big bud carboload overdrive grandma enggys h2 and f1 and final flush sounds like it should do the trick some ...
Advanced Nutrients AN Custom Recipes, Product Line Changes, Nutrient Info, Experience - THCfarmer
... . Anyway, products like Bud Candy have come out (ingredients of Sweet Leaf and Carbo Load) and then products like Sweet Leaf, Emerald Shaman, Colossal Bud Blast, and others ...
Finding My Nutes - Nutrient report - THCfarmer
... FLUSH Repeat week 3 for veg or 10 for flower extension Hey Yezmar420, thanks for checking out the thread. You'll notice in my final ... include piranha, bud candy or ...
kushie kush by advanced nutes - THCfarmer
... bud towards the end of this run because my buds all smelled the same. When I flushed ... I use big bud, final phase and VHO now, and I was experimenting with bud candy (thinking ...
Blue Dream, Purple Hawaiian, Lillie Coy - THCfarmer
... bacteria late in flowering is a good or bad idea especially before the final flush with Bud Candy and/or unsulfered molasses? Does injection mean you aren't supposed to ...
Are they under fed? or is it nutrient lockout? - THCfarmer
... the PH Perfect Grow/Micro/Bloom with some "Bud Candy", "Big Bud", "Overdrive", and finally "Final Flush" for my last phase. It's easy ...

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