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can blood meal and bone meal be disolved in water for application?
... I use which is equal parts each of alfalfa, cottonseed meal, flaxseed meal, soybean meal, fish bone meal & neem seed meal @ 1 cup of this mixture per each cubic foot of ...
bone meal?
... projects. Ketchup on a hotdog is just blasphemy! Try fish bone meal. I personally mix a 50/50 mix of fish bone meal and P bat great. Mr. Greengenes- I ...
Bone meal alternatives?
... and not phosphorus which is what you are looking for (bone meal substitute). Aside from guano's, there is fish bone meal and rock phosphate. The rock phosphate is fairly slow ...
NPK blood and bone meals
... like blood or bone though. I did not use anything like blood or bone though. Microbeman Same here. Fish meal over blood meal and fish bone meal over bone meal (swine or bovine ...
espoma blood/bone meal sources non organic
... like liquid fish hydrolysate. Price on both bone meal and fish bone meal is $28.00 for 50 lbs. Blood meal runs $36.00 and fish meal is $53.00 The price on fish meal has ...
How much of each amendment
... gallon? Organic fish bone meal (Dr.Earth, 3-18-0) Kelp meal (Dr.Earth, 6-5-25) Azomite Peruvian seabird guano (sunleaves, 10-10-2) Compost Neem seed meal Any suggestions ...
using organic blooming fert
... peace from the label A superior blend of fish bone meal, feather meal, mined potassium sulphate, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, humic acid, seaweed extract, beneficial soil microbes ...
Alfalfa Meal
... me? Orange County Farm Supply carries Sunshine Mixes, Pro-Mix, kelp meal, fish bone meal, fish meal, rock dusts, blah, blah, blah, blah................ AND they also carry ...
blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal?? whats the differance?
... meal, bone meal, kelp meal?? whats the differance? So i wanna ... kill the plants. I use a bonemeal and a fish, blood and bonemeal mix i also use poulty manure ...
Transplanting with Fish, Blood and Bone Meal, Help Please :D
Transplanting with Fish, Blood and Bone Meal, Help Please :D Big Smile hey guys, i have already posted this in ...

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