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does ph matter when flushing?
does ph matter when flushing? hi just a quick question.. flushing the weekend for 2 weeks with new auto watering system has let me down; i ...
Advantages of Flushing?
... size. You can flush with molasses. There are commercial flushes. Waters fine. I don't flush. Reportedly improves flavor and burn. We know now you don't flush, do you ...
... with molasses yesterday ph should be the same as it has been as long as you don't have any problems. the neccessity of flushing ...
Watering with molasses.......
... Dont qoute me on this though. Just stick with 1tbl per gal unsulphured molasses... I use with flush and final watering without nutes. You dont have to flush with this though.
Is my water rotting with molasses/nutes?
... with molasses/nutes? I noticed my water is smelling like shit and wondering if they are rotting. I usally have two 1 gallons bottles in my space with ...
what difference flushing w/tap water?????
... used dyna grow last year. worked very well. I see no point to flush with molasses.
Ok do you flush with bio bizz ??? Hearing mixed answers
... flush with bio bizz ??? Hearing mixed answers ... is nuteless....with biobizz being molasses bassed, I just never had a prob with flushing or not flushing.....but ...
when to flush, close to harvest CLOSE UP PIC
... flushing with straight water?(ph balanced at 6.0) day 51 12/12 from seed I wouldn't flush ... to use molasses during the flush to break ...
Feeding kush with molasses outdoors - advice needed
... with molasses outdoors - advice needed My vanilla kush is 2 weeks into flowering and I'm wondering how much and how often I should feed it molasses ...
Advanced Flushing Techniques
... Flush all the way through or flush at the end are the most common variations . I flush with ...

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