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Ask DaddyNoBucks
... laugh at my expense. The strain that freaked me out so much was Gainesville Green….a nostalgia strain that was gifted to me with 26 year old seed ... are you using? How many watts/sqft? The leaves do look a pale green, the tips are showing something is going on. could be the begining of ...
Huge Strain Lineage List - THCfarmer
... Widow G13 Diesel (Head Seeds) G13bx X Rezdog’s East Coast Sour Diesel v3 Gainesville Green [Micanopy Moonbeam] Generals Daughter (Fleur du Mal) [G13 X Northern Lights] X ...
old seeds 60-70s - THCfarmer
... were just too thick. pure stock. nice You can hope you got a Gainesville Green, dankest weed on the east coast at the time and even know by ...
The Bubblegum Projects v.1
... shooting star in the Winter sky! Your OGBubblegum reminds me of the "Gainesville Green" in the middle to late 70's. It smelled & tasted like ... , purple, dark purple, violets and lavenders... Also some flourescent lime green and a little bit of dark green/dark purple. I haven't ever seen pot that was ...
Strain List
... G13 Diesel (Head Seeds) G13bx X Rezdog's East Coast Sour Diesel v3 Gainesville Green [Micanopy Moonbeam] Generals Daughter (Fleur du Mal) [G13 X Northern Lights] X Cinderella ...
Bc Roadkill Sunk
... see what I find personally. Also i'm looking into Shoreline, Berkley, Trinity, Gainesville Green, Skylar Skunk, and a few others as i've heard these strains have ... as well. Kant - I was in Gainesville as a student through the late 80's and I can tell you that Gainesville Green was definitely skunky. Thick long colas ...
How Much Did It Cost When You Started?
... ' high, have smoked better Thai import in A'dam since African import - dark green/browny coloured, some seeds, again ok high Jamaican import - usually medium grade " ...
Extremely rare Super Skunk pheno?
... medical community here in southern california is buzzing over a strain called "green crack." The word is that it's nothing but an extremely rare ... strain as his own. Only the few who have seen the gainesville madness or the gainesville green could know what I'm talking about as far as the strains ...
southy florida haze
... very good way). Definitely on of the best tastes in the cannabis world. Gainesville Green, gone but not forgotten. Outdoor grown buds of mostly Thai and Afghani genetics ...
Prices in Florida
... $10,000 and a note that read: "Compliments of Gainesville Green." What, you ask, could Gainesville have possibly stamped its name on that was so magical as ...

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