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OG chem test run
... - Core. STrDiesel X NYCD X Amnesia Kush. Burmese Kush (Annac) Malonica - Crazy X seeds I ... day 70 chop chop.... Very exciting... Great Lakes Sorry about the glare there mate. ...
Strains that finish mid sept
... different due to the effect of the great lakes, but the population is so heavy that ... PK clone except outdoor. Did a Purple kush x mislabeled timewarp hybrid male that should ...
finally back in colorado!!!
... that occasionally brought stuff back to the great lakes region to sample. I have very fond ... of strains with me. Blockhead, O.G. kush, strawberry diesal, and the list goes on!! ...
FAVORITE FISHIN STRAIN: what you puffin?
... on when your out on the lake? What kind of traits do you ... Ricks fishing kit contained a OG Kush x SSH which was one ... and the time you peak is greatly extended. I find when I ...
GDP Haze Testers
... Cant wait to see how they do I agree Great Lakes this should e fun nice, tagged :) Smile Welcome ... with some dbl sour d haze, sour d kush (rez), and possibly some dlb oj haze, ...
Plants prefer their kin, but crowd out competition when sharing a pot with strangers
... North America, including the Great Lakes, where McMaster is located near Lake Ontario. Sea Rocket ... can be useful with strains like og kush, that are like half big thick bare ...
if you could pick and move to any state and grow
... Great Lakes. Whats wrong with the Great Lakes? Weather. And when Canada invades, you're on the front lines :) Smile Cali works great ... Pure Kush is ok with them and OG Kush is ...
**Cali Growers Unite** (All Are Welcome, Though)
... else? :p yeah great lakes i was ... kush strains. kind of a kush comparison grow i have to see which of these kush strains are actually true kush.. im from la so i smoke kush ...
The Phoenix Project- free Sativa seeds
... :eek: , along with ma sour bubbles, and my kush X Skunk#1. Shit happens :r ... transferred to the Great Lakes so that grow was terminated in haste. Grow3 in Great Lakes (indoors) ...
nutrients again ?
... the hardwater nutrients? GreatLakes THC hey Great lakes.......... When I used Ionic Hardwater Bloom ... . Either way,, this will be Hindu kush x Skunk #1 im really impressed ...

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