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coco problems.... leaves turning dark and dying
... karma " " monkey juice a " " monkey juice b " " grozyme 1 teaspoon pirahna 1 teaspon tarantula ... karma " " monkey juice a " " monkey juice b " " grozyme 1 teaspoon pirahna 1 teaspon tarantula thanks Rosy Cheeks but he did no ...
Hygrozyme for cleaning dead roots
... % clean of all the old roots I think solutions with Hydroguard or Hygrozyme (Grozyme in Canada) will be an improvement over Peroxide. Peroxide is also a chemical ... now. The first time 1 month old NL's got switched over to grozyme (I'm in Canada) and within 12 hours every single root was covered ...
Promix Grow - Does This Look Right?
... , Nutes probably AN or GH? I'll use Big Bud, Overdrive, Carboload, Hygrozyme(Grozyme), and cal-mag, I think. Should I mix any compost or perlite in ... 6 and feed Organic Gem Fish, Algamin Kelp, blackstrap molasses, ThermX70, and Hygrozyme [Grozyme] If you want to use a chem fert you should just use Miracle ...
Flora Nova vs Fox farm
... nutes. atm I also have big bud formula and carboload from advanced nutrients, grozyme, chaching, pirhana and I just put my first drop ever in of superthrive ... it after 2.2 mlfloranova 2.5ml bigbud, 1/8 teaspoon pirhana, 2ml grozyme and 1/8 teaspoon carbload PER LITRE. It was around 4!!!! never had ...
3kw Mixed Spectrum Multi-Strain Perpetual Harvestations: 1on1 with Cannabis
... hydroponics Nutrients 2-part grow/bloom and feed every second day. I use Grozyme, supermax b1 or liquid karma, barricade, purple maxx, gravity, carboload or carbo-boost ...
... use superthrive in low dose everywatering when flowering carbolosds my sugar and carbs.....grozyme is soil treatment :r Disgustedasta: ... hahah probably the ph buffers like lime. floranova-2ml per litre(all are) grozyme- 3ml carbload -1/8 Bigbud- 2.5ml Superthrive -1/8 Pirhana -1/8 ...
15K Watt 191 Sugar Ks
... = 3gal Water = Tap Water Nutrients = GH GMB , Pure Blend Bloom / Grow , Big Bud , Grozyme , B-52 , Carboload , P.S Sorry if the pics arent so great .. im ...
Mango *HARVESTED* 74 days
... plant life: 0.8 ml/Litre:bow: Superthrive once in a blue moon Grozyme for soil treatment throughout plant life 2.0 ml/Litre Now that I ...
EARTH JUICE XATALYST ??? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums was using grozyme for awile but I wanted to try something a little more organic for ...
OG Kush 56 days
... 2 PART Carbo Load Super Thrive Big Bud GRANDMA ENGGY'S F-1 Grozyme http://icmag ...

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