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Cool Tube or Naked Bulb?
... to the center. I'm using a 1000w hps light and from the charts I've seen here ... been reading many of the posts here about vertical grows and learning much. Thanks! IMHO cooltubes ...
4x8 tent 2 6oow hps my next move?
... a 4x8 tent 2 600 hps how should i ... hanging vertically with 5 plants that been vegged for 2 months topped em all. 3 prophet 1 banana og 1 diablo og they look great the light ...
Using a Light Rail mover in a Vert setup.
... light. If you have a light hanged vertically and surround the light with plants, you will be using the whole light. But if you put 3 lights hung vertically, some of the light ...
Let's Design My 3000w Vertical Flower Room!
... up drippers as well. Idea 1 Hang 3 bare 1000w hortilux hps bulbs surrounded by 10-12 ... is even light distribution on all 3 levels. I'm really a complete newbie to vertical so ...
PurpleBubblegum, Alien Form, Grass Knuckles and Urkulan Doing There Vertical Thing
... about them. everyone is hanging on rez's ... gal res with a 1/2 hp pump. simple 3/4 ... vertical light set up. got any pics of this room? i'm looking to do 3k flowering room vertical ...
Thinks of going vertical ebb & grow buckets
... set of light or would it work better to hang them solo ... not required for two x 600w HPS stacked one on top of ... 4 600 watt lights from what I read its vertical. Congrats on ...
6k vertical show... Need opinions on my design.
... vertical growing section of this website is kinda lacking. I really feel that vertical ... hang the fan under bare lights ...
4K vertical RDWC
... of luck. Subscribed +reps Here's My 4k vertical 11x11 room. There is a 16" space ... quot; rockwool cubes and veg them under t5 lights untill i see lots of roots coming out ...
Copycat 4k vertical stadium
... hp+2 mh: ... vertical stadium. lowes sells green cfl light bulbs for about 5 bucks. I have five mounted in parabolic reflectors tied to a wall switch. Green light ... 8 lights hanging ...
A plee for your health
... vertical. I now use it to block the light while in the room. I hang ...

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