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what variables cause harsh smoke?
what variables cause harsh smoke? variables for harsh smoke : 1 not manicured well 2 how dry the bud is 3 flushing soon enough before harvest 4 curing it ... .) if you over dry or under dry what are the consequences? change of flavor and aromas? is the smoke more harsh if you overdry as apposed to under drying? does length of time you dry reflect on how how the smoke ...
Taste and smells, getting rid of the harsh flavor? - 420 Magazine
... How doe the professional growers get the smell and taste out of their buds so they taste smooth and not harsh, does cutting back on nutes., watering and final flushing make a difference along with a longer cure? will this help get rid of the minty, harsh, dark green color need some advise on smeel and flavor. Thanks again everyone. Flushing the last couple weeks before harvest ...
Very harsh (already cured) - The Garden's Cure
... should be hella smooth if you were in soil... Err wait I guess not all FF ferts are organic... Usually harshness is caused by residue in the medium though. or Did you spray anything on your buds? The moistening usually helps ... bit of the bud. some buds are just insane to smoke. flushed, dried, cured properly- some pot just smokes extremely harsh. someone I know grew Bluecheese and it was done right. by all means. but the potentcy of the buds is ...
Very harsh (already cured) - The Garden's Cure
... butter anyway. hash oil Quote: Originally Posted by Bari vape? After some testing you win and thanks. your bud is harsh because you didnt flush it properly. you need to give your plants pure water for a couple weeks before harvest. thats what i always do. there is nothing you can do now to take the harshness out of it now its too late... in my experience flushing for more than a week tends to murder plants.
Judge: Pot Penalty Too Harsh - 420 Magazine
... his dorm room last year won his appeal against NYU last week after claiming the university's punishment was too harsh. But now NYU is appealing the ruling. Michael Quercia, a math major from North Babylon, New York, was sentenced to ... wage is over $2,500.00 penalty......WAY TOO MUCH.....even the $95 fine and 10 days comm service is harsh! that's a 100.00 ticket in NYC and thats all for 1st time offenders. I think the judges sentence ...
All Indicators Point to a Softening of America's Harsh Marijuana Laws - The Garden's Cure
... Laws - The Garden's Cure All Indicators Point to a Softening of America's Harsh Marijuana Laws AlterNet - San Francisco,CA,USA With key medical marijuana ballot initiatives likely to pass, and a more pot- ...
Feature: Despite Harsh Drug Policies, US Leads in Cannabis ... - The Garden's Cure
... Policies, US Leads in Cannabis ... - The Garden's Cure Feature: Despite Harsh Drug Policies, US Leads in Cannabis ... Drug War Chronicle - Washington,DC,USA Americans led in cannabis consumption as well, with ...
Despite Harsh Drug Policies, US Leads in Cannabis, Cocaine Use, Global Survey Finds - THCfarmer
... Leads in Cannabis , Cocaine Use, Global Survey Finds from Drug War Chronicle, Issue #542, 7/11/08 Despite decades of harshly punitive policies aimed at reducing illicit drug use, the US has the world's highest rates of drug use, according to a study using World Health Organization (WHO) data that compared global drug use rates. Harsh drug laws do not correlate "simply" with drug use rates, the study found -- a finding critics of drug ...
Phosphorous and harshness - THCfarmer
... your cycle can remedy most of the overload of nutes. I am not so sure phosphorous is anymore responsible for harsh weed than the other nutes. very true just do that flush I am pretty sure an over-abundance of any nutes will make the buds harsh. The clorophyll in uncured buds will make your smoke harsh too. If you have a decent soil mix you shouldn't need to feed at ...
Why the Harsh words?
Why the Harsh words? - Page 2 - Forums Seriously. All i try to do is be friendly and add to the community ... hate goin around and then i smoke weed im down with this thread. i was on the recieveing end of harsh words last week or so with the bulk of ppl in the thread that i created callin me a cop ...

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