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Airflow Harvester - The Garden's Cure
... 'm going to need when harvest time rolls around. What you see is six plants without the trim or bottom buds. The eventual dry weight was as follows: Top buds: 101 grams Middle Buds: 99 grams Bottom and trim: 91 grams (not on the racks) Total harvest was 291 g ...
What is the Averige weight? - The Garden's Cure
... i was wondering if anyone knew the aproximate weight for say a 4 ft plant after being ... yealed nothing until you've got a smokable dry wieght I thought I had 15oz on last ...
drying/curing questions - The Garden's Cure
... would have it think anyways, my final harvest weight from one outdoor plant is: 27grams, almost ... i could post a shot of my dried buddz :-/ owell thanks to everyone here at ...
The hay smell I got after 2 Days of drying - The Garden's Cure
... drying - The Garden's Cure DI have just harvested and am drying using the hanging method along with paper bags on day 2. The Nugs are not completely dry ...
ealriest harvest - The Garden's Cure
... harvest But it smokes so nice i had to unfortunatly harvest at 6 weeks of a 8-9 week strain. i donno what my weight ... you get back . Quick drying will reduce the potency somewhat ...
Dry manicure Vs. Fresh - The Garden's Cure
... dried. Thanks a lot! Take a look at Delta's Harvest & Drying 101 and The Grow Guide (link below). People debate dry ... should have enough weight to not allow them to dry too ...
gramma needs help - The Garden's Cure
... . any way,according to my kitchen scale the dry weight is about 3.5 ounces. Is this good ... time the next plant will be ready to harvest and we will have a round robin going. ...
Avoiding Mold - The Garden's Cure
... still yielded dry weight to smoke, but the smoke was nasty and my yield would probably have been double of what I had harvested. I recommend drying with the use ...
First Harvest Tonight - The Garden's Cure
... 't keep much of a grow journal, but I am going to be harvesting one of my indica's tonight. I've had her in darkness for ... did the harvest go? that would tickle me to death seeing some pics! Good luck man! Chop chop chop Hope all went well - any updates (weight etc)? Dont ...
How much Will i lose? - The Garden's Cure
... dry. If you get 283/4~71 gr, you will be happy, won't you? I think that is what a majority of people get for a dried weight, about 25% of their wet weight. SO... when are clinic's bud's weighed? Wet? Dry? GT You'll lose alot of that weight, but al ...

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