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Anyone know how to make cannabis suckers or lollipops?
... rice crispie treats. I use cannabutter in reciepies like blueberry ... hash? Is there anyway some good quality Kief or bubble hash would work the same as BHO I'd also like to ...
Cannabutter instead of oil for brownies?
... cannabutter. Remember you took great care not to over cook the cannabutter ...
what to do with 10 grams of kief?
... cannabutter... but was hoping i can turn it into a nice blonde hash...speakng of blonde hash.. how do the dutch make pollem?? can i make pollem with kief ...
best way to make brownies?
... the best way to make kick ass cannabutter is to use a crock ... some mids (3 g's), and kief (.5 g) simmered in some ... hashing and/or cooking. :dueling:It is not a popular thing to ...
How to get rid of the MJ taste?
... bottom. I haven't never had enough cannabutter to taste that resin, but maybe it's ... , try using Kif, hash, or concentrated infusion instead. good luck! kief or un pressed bub ...
Firecrakers Hashmouf Style...I call them " GRAMCRACKERS" {Step by Step Recipe Guide}
... , But cannabutter is much better 4. Chocolate chips: dark chocolate with more cacao works better but I had to settle for milk chocolate. 5. 1 gram of kief or hash ...
If you can eat it I can get you high. - pro chef.
... hash ... to see the bud. IDK, I could go on forever about food. I love to eat. Is there an easy way to make a small amount of cannabutter ...
Indoorganic Vic's Super Soil water-only "Environmental education" grow
... kief ... cannabutter goodies this weekend; yeeow!) Itís not all that hard to ...
Stickies perpetual grow, welcome to the jungle.
... to touch it for almost a year... Noticed that some locals edible say 'cannabutter free'.. Using only hash ...
Seeking Word of the Wise
... to bake because of the whole process of making cannabutter ...

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