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Mixed Seeds x Haze/Skunk #1 Flowering Time?
... Haze/Skunk #1 Flowering Time? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic ... ? Some of those crosses could have relatively short flowering times. That'd be practical, I'm hoping ...
Need new strain..easy cloner, decent yield, low flower time..
... the strain should have are -short flower time -short in height(indica yes but head ... kush, master kush, skunk1, sensi skunk, original haze, etc. all are sitting it out ...
Far Red Flower Manipulation Test 2 [pix]
... Seeds Arjan Haze #2, World ... shorting flower time, or the ability to get more light hours on a flowering plant for better growth. Based on what you see with auto flower ...
Low Ryder just a waste of energy?
... already knew that it has a very short flowering time, from 5-8 weeks, depending what ... periods of flowering. I've grown Neville's Haze many times, and a few times kept them ...
Force flower time and yield question
... flower time and yield question - Forums Hi all, ... few haze strains in a month or so. On to my question: When should I force them? If I force shortly after ...
Seedsman White Widow
... 10 with great germ rates & a very short flowering time. was looking at some pics of jungle ... and dank with lots of crytsals. The Haze and SKunk#1 both talked about by ...
Dj Short F13 uncured review
... unique and just amazing is Buddha Haze from Big Buddha Seeds. on my ... the newbie realm of short flower times right now. Not autoflower short mind you as quality still ...
SeedFinder - All Cannabisstrains with a flowering-time around 53 and 59 days.
... and Skunk. Flowering time 8 weeks.... Haze 19 x ... 56 Short flowering, fast growing, ...
SeedFinder - All Cannabisstrains with a flowering-time around 55 and 61 days.
... flowering time from around 55 and 61 days Cannabisstrains with a flowering time ... Short ... x feminized - from Barneys Farm Super Lemon Haze - 1 x feminized - from GreenHouse ...
SeedFinder - All Cannabisstrains with a flowering-time around 64 and 70 days.
... Haze #1 Positronics 70 Height: tall, Flowering time ...

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