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Cannagliss? "Pot Drops" *MUST READ*
... had it consistently heated 10-20 degrees ... potency? Quote: Originally Posted by SpencerSpencer Does that increase potency ... that didn't affect me : [ Coming from ...
How to make THC Pills [Guide]
... for you to feel any affect. But, once the two hours ... for the pan to heat up. Step 2 - After about ... /weed to get the highest potency pills you can possibly make. Omg ...
bluto's journal
... vigor, but is also very heat resistant and it's ... to the roots will seriously affect the plant, especially when ... well stabilised and have a high potency and yield. The feminized ...
Razor's Garden of Moments
... that proper curing CAN increase potency by up to 30%. But ... , and how can we affect them for better or worse ... less tolerant of summer heat and humidity with each passing ...
Razor's Garden of Moments
... glands. Resin gland color, potency, and type of high ... Granted drying curing process can affect flavor but if you ... lights are on). This extra heat may have them wanting water ...
Purple leaves, what should i do???
... temp. will affect the potency much. anything that is out of the norm will have some affect on your ... give them the benefit of the HID heat. Keep them as close as possible to ...
Hermies.... Why me!!!
... the moon gives some light? they had a heat stress too, can this be the reason? i ... buds, but I may harvest early. the potency will be affected for sure but, I will juste smoke ...
UK: Cannabis: Prescribing The Miracle Weed
... herbal remedy with unpredictable potency. It disappeared from the ... trial in his worst-affected patients, mostly people with ... called the Volcano, which heats cannabis to the point ...
(veg in PC box)/ flower in closet (150watthps)
... factor in potency (not as ... affect my plant but then I got it tamed just in case I have been in the same debate about lights and was especially worried about heat ...
Dankohzee's '09 Organic Swamp Grow (Cantharis Style)
... tough cell walls for better heat and drought tolerance. ... mellows in the jar. Potency? Just a while ago ... enviromental factors that can affect gender are; quantity of nitrogen, ...

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