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I think I have a Hermie...opinions please
I think I have a Hermie...opinions please - Page 2 Originally Posted by hsaom Where do they usually come from then? Hermies usually come from a plant being stressed. interrupted light cycle in flower... anything that freaks the ... Originally Posted by bob harris Hermies usually come from a plant being stressed. interrupted light cycle in flower... anything that freaks the plant out and causes stress. hey bob many seeds will actually hermie especially F1's and also ...
Day 11 Flowering wPICS and ?'s (bubblegum and SuperSkunk)
... So I have 2 plants a bubble gum and super skunk that I put into flower 11 days ago. I was wondering how long til I can determine sex.... ... male sorry bro yeah i was gonna say pic 2 doent look like a hermie it looks like male to me pics 3 and 4 are too far ...
Hermie Question
Hermie Question Is it ok to leave a hermie in flowering with other females? Can it harm the females and is it even worth it to keep the hermie? Hermaphrodites are generally viewed with disfavor. First, they will release pollen and ruin ...
LST sexing question and hermie question
LST sexing question and hermie question - Page 2 Originally Posted by fdd2blk they are as good as a female except they have seeds. some will only get a few male flowers so you only get a few seeds on your plant. but others will get a lot of male flowers and can seed the whole plant. the bud should be as ...
LST sexing question and hermie question
... put them into 12/12 flowering to determine sex? 3) Should I rush to get them back to veg or take my time in determining sex? Also I had other questions about hermies. 1) What makes a hermie undesirable? 2) How do you tell if it has turned? 3) At what point do you stop worrying about turning your plants hermie? Flowering? Harvest? Let me thank any responders in ...
yellow flowers
... as you can Whats the specific problem with hermies? hermies self pollinate. so the buds will be seedy as hell my flowers are all white/indoor plant.... everymoring now ...
Flowering First Grow... Wish Me luck!!!!
Flowering First Grow... Wish Me luck!!!! so i just started flowering about a week ago out of my eight plants i started with, only two have survived as honest to goodness females i thought there would be three but no, a hermie was ... made the same arrangement with my other four got another shoplight just the same to cover more area went into flower about 1 1/2 months in and ended up with two females while vegging half the plants i topped and ...
Sexing Before Flowering?
... there anyway i could find out the sex of the plant before I put it into flowering? nope,sorry buddy u could do the paper bag method but i think its to much effort after bout 4 weeks of veg they should sho preflowers and alot of ppl say not to flower till they sho preflowers it could cause hermis im not how sure that is but i do it any way
need to start flowering
... manually while im gone, wat should i do? also if i start flowering and i leave my male in there for a week would it turn the females hermie? cause i dont kno if it is FOR SURE a male ill post ... they're good. also yes you want to switch the lighting and maybe wait a week or so befor adding flowering nutes unless its bud blood in which case you can use with the lights. And lastly, no a male will ...
Case-o-the-Hermies My friend and I are coming towards the end of our first grow. Yesterday hit our first week of flowering and there were budsites everywhere that they should be. We are using a 400 watt hps for 2 ... . well thats a good god damn idea thank you filthy...i grow 3 weeks clone then put non clones in flower an sex em that way an kill the unwanted males....but im tryin to find a mother.... I'm afraid ...

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