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Help! Hermie! - 420 Magazine
... days of flower and my plants are changing an im just wondering if they are going hermie... ... pics, Sacs would not be appearing this late, bananas only,they do not show me a ...
~FoRcEd FlOwErInG~ - The Garden's Cure
... somewhere, that thats how they flower outdoor plants. Just put ... luck, nigel what about it going hermi as well?? i dunno ... hip well brotha the thing lately is that even with all ...
Sick plant, help please! Lemon Skunk 5 weeks flowering - 420 Magazine
... in water is around 6.2, but lately my Adwa digital ph meter has ... flower....they also still need some Nitrogen... You could add a 6-4-4 into the mix of water....they will hermie ...
How long can a male or hermied plant release pollen during the flowering cycle? - 420 Magazine
... hermied plant release pollen during the flowering cycle? - 420 Magazine .......for example 47 days into the flowering ... pollen this late into the flowering cycle? I ...
Hermied. pollenated, or what? - The Garden's Cure
Hermied. pollenated, or what? - The Garden's Cure I'm approaching my sixth week of flowering ... ... Sometimes late in flower plants can throw out what look like male flowers. In ...
Need Help Pronto... Hermie? - 420 Magazine
... the value. So without a doubt the plant has hermied? As in those are male flowers under the female flowers? They look a lot like pollen pods. Edit: Looking ... also noticed in past grows these occurring late into flowering and they werent seed pods. Wing man is spot on. Its a hermie. I recently had a grow in ...
Cant give outdoor flowering plant 12/12!? - 420 Magazine
... flowering plant 12/12!? - 420 Magazine My plant has been flowering for probably about 3 weeks now. Lately ... lights? what is a hermi, yeah i know about the ...
Keep those hermie seeds - 420 Magazine
... I did all the wrong things like PH? whats with that. She went Hermie late in flower, but got some pretty good smoke and a bunch of seeds. The ... at 420. I failed at cloning this time so grow 3 was from Hermie seeds. Started 12 and got 100% germination ALL GIRLS, but I dropped a ...
Male, Female or hermy (pics included) - 420 Magazine
... hermy will produce bud...i kinda want 2 keep i only have 2 plants flowering ...
Do I have Hermi's? Pics inside please help - 420 Magazine
... hermie and get seeds off of it... hermie's produce female seeds from my understanding (correct me if i'm wrong) if you can afford to continue flowering the hermie ...

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