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hermie seeded crop
hermie seeded crop my buddy had a hermie show up at week 4 or 5 of flowering in a tent and it got some seeds in his females. are these seeds that are in the females worthless (ex: all seeds going to grow hermies?) or will they still be good seeds that can ...
hermi seed question
hermi seed question - Page 2 A Hermie plant that self pollinates will produce feminised seeds, that is what you buy when you order feminised seeds. The ...
hermie seeds?
hermie seeds? I think one of my plants is a hermi and I want to let it grow to make some more seeds. will the seeds from a hermie produce all sexes ...
hermie seeds - Stoner Forums
hermie seeds - Stoner Forums I have a female shunk plant I harvested last week ,when I was trimming the buds I noticed some lower buds have seeds. Will those seeds ... are the hermies are from stress & not from a hermie seed they will most likely be female in my experience. Now they to may throw out some hermies dont ...
Hermi Seeds - 420 Magazine
Hermi Seeds - 420 Magazine If a plant goes hermi on you are the seeds viable or should you just toss them? The seeds will be viable and they will only grow ...
First (Closet) Grow, GDP Hermie Seeds! - 420 Magazine
First (Closet) Grow, GDP Hermie Seeds! - 420 Magazine Howdy everyone! This is my absolute first grow. I was given 6 Grandaddy Purple seeds by a friend that found them ...
hermie seeds? - The Garden's Cure
... from hermie seeds and all his plants have turned hermie. I now understand that you don't use pollen from natural hermie plants, seed houses that produce feminised seeds get ...
Hermie Seeds - The Garden's Cure
Hermie Seeds - The Garden's Cure The seeds i used for my grow was from some northern lights x big bud ... that i will have hermies. I used the same seeds for the last grow and didnt have any hermies. It is MORE possible that the seeds will be hermaphrodites because ...
Hermies , seeds, nothing?
Hermies , seeds, nothing? I'm an experienced grower and only purchase female seeds. I use aeroponics, and have always had great success with all plants. Never ...
Seeds or Hermie Seeds
Seeds or Hermie Seeds I'm an experienced grower and never had this problem before. Any advice? ... . The male was a true male and not a hermie. Its been 2 weeks and 2 plants are showing seeds. They others look fine. Common sense tells me ...

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