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~Opengrow Coffe Shop...Part Deaux~ « The Grapevine « OpenGrow
... Bucket and less like a Hempy Bucket. My understanding of Krusty's concepts are very hydroponic and with a much bigger rez. Hempy ... based on brix levels and ... give him his due when ...
Sick Plants? Have A Question? Ask Here.
... -Plant success with endo and ecto mycorrhizae -hi brix molasses -Azatrol for pests Can anybody tell ... blue widows growing- 1 in a hempy style bucket and the other 2 in soil, ...
Wikipedia--~~Cannabis Cultivation
... emissions. One can cultivate on his own property or ... decent power magnifying glass, a brix meter (to measure " ... , Hempy Bucket , and the Krusty Freedom Bucket methods. ...
~Opengrow Coffe Shop...Part Deaux~ « The Grapevine « OpenGrow
... etc. As soon as they reach optimum brix, birds move in and peck the shit ... . I'd say KK is getting his share. Make it a great day, ... Freedom Bucket and less like a Hempy Bucket ...
questions about sunshine mix #4 - The Garden's Cure
... What do they feed Hempys at? Maybe try treating them like hempy buckets for the pH and ... new Earth Juice Lines: Sugar Peak, Hi-Brix, Sweet & Heavy, and Earth Juice ...
Weekly Flushes - THCfarmer
... said flushing is good because his plants take off afterwards. My ... will notice drops in your brix reading and your pH usually ... sh*t in a hempy bucket with the feed water repeat ...
Should I switch from GH to Earth Juice for passive hydro in a soilless mix? - THCfarmer
... has anyone here ever tried earth juice in hempy buckets? or in a really light mostly perlite ... by it and currently i run their hi brix molasses good stuff for a reasonable price ...
Earth Juice Users
... Hempy buckets I have found was premixing all his ...
Hovz 600w Medical Perpetual Garden
... check out his threads, he really knows his stuff. Hey ... molasses I purchased has a Brix (SG) reading of 79. ... sometimes use those easter buckets as a hempy bucket. They do great. ...
6 big bud in RDWC DIY-new-
... tell you i like your hempy buckets. my ph right now ... luck 2 Words... FUCk YARRRR!!!! hi and γεια ... .You also increase the brix value,that is the overall ...

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