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LED light; How High Times has lost ALL credibility
... times DAILY. Whom the fuck ever at High Times chose this photo to further disgrace ... you will be pleased with the results. Lower heat output, less power consumption, and you can ...
Any High Output T-5 users?
... I have tried the temps are still too high....that is the only reason I am considering ... sound that bad seeing how it has low heat and slim design. Your in the same spot ...
Police choppers and heat sigs?
Police choppers and heat sigs? - Page 2 - Forums Ohhh yeah bring on the high times! Just hope they produce some nice's a first ... few trouble with ph and Nute defs not to mention temperatures in the high 80s and spider mites lol. I've Managed to battle through all of ...
Police choppers and heat sigs?
... Shit a hair dryer puts out a larger heat signature than those lights. Your biggest concern, ... plants, there's going to be "high times" in your future. Your ...
High yielding, heat-resistant strains?
High yielding, heat-resistant strains? - Forums Whats up guys... just wondering what are the highest yielding strains that can withstand heat around mid- ...
High Bay Lights
... Forums I have been using a high bay lamp with a hood (as seen in the ... innards. But if you think about it sideways the heat from both places will go up without having to ...
70w MH heat output..
... of 2 square feet 2 1/2 ft high and it would probably be cheaper and easier ... but im wondering if i will run into heat problems.. thoughts? I don't think it's ...
Heat to CFM ratio?
... . 21"wide 10"deep 55"High. My goal has been to build the ultimate ... right next to the exhaust, so that the heat is directly sucked off of the bulbs. does this ...
Should heat be a concern in a shed?
... exactly 10F higher than the ambient temperature I am intaking and I have high powered exhaust,intake, and circulation fans. 90F is too hot for a plant ... are thermo says he has seen 106 MJ can handle extreme heat but it is not optimal. High heat will equal a low yield among other possible issues. This ...
Post your first time high, get a few laughs
... we smoked a blunt while it was heating up. I remember hitting the vape, and ... So high. My first time smoking I didn't even get high.. But my first time getting high ...

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