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Buying Fem seeds...... is it even worth it. Opinions
... , probably some Himalaya Gold, great outdoor plant big yielder, great smoke. If you havent youtube ghs co vids. u got any great personal experience with any high yield strains ...
strain guide of most famous srtains
... and attention, the L.S.D. strain will give the grower high yielding award winning powerful results. The ... that strain, I love trippy shit, and it looks also good 4 outdoor ...
Big Bud Strain?
... strain: big yield, huge dense buds, high potency. BB isn't doing to well if SOG'ed, so it is a strain ... more then 1ft from veg! if grown outdoors it tents to stretch quiet a bit ...
My next two strains to grow
... great choice of strains, the indica ... Outdoor: Late October in Northern hemisphere. Yield Indoor: Above average with some very heavy phenotypes. Yield Outdoor: Can be very high ...
this is going to be my new strain any pointers from anyone who grew or is growing
... strain any pointers from anyone who grew or is growing Female ICE cannabis seeds Flowering period 8 weeks Yield : Maximum Harvest outdoors ... the High times ...
Strain Pick Accordingly
Strain Pick Accordingly Well I am about to start my 2nd grow and I'm not feeling very good about it, but I'm still optimistic. My outdoor ...
Automatic Flowering Strains
... yield is fair if you have decent lighting. LOWLIFE seeds do a bunch of other strains too like Auto ak47 etc.. apparently great strains ... good. the high did ... #2 outdoor grow at ...
Jack Flash
... strain called "Jack Flash." Supposedly a Jack Herer hybrid with a high yield. Does anyone have any experience with this strain ... grown indoors and outdoors. When given ...
Mandala Seeds Satori - Outdoor Guerilla Grow - Supercropping
Mandala Seeds Satori - Outdoor Guerilla Grow - Supercropping Hello Fellow Growers, This is my first grow journal and ... be an outdoor guerilla grow so I need a strain that is very durable, has a good yield, and since it's for personal use, a pleasant high. I plan ...
Cali outdoor SLHaze, Bubba Kush, AK-47, and Red Dragon.
... high. I could see it helping with depression. * Medical Strength Keeper Yes FINAL COMMENTS:* KissThis strain did very well outdoors. Both pheno's were short high yielding ...

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