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Why so Many Haters on the SOG Method??
... clones every couple week and so on. But very rewarding, no just the yield but the amount of time you spend trimming is next to nothing. Only ... . It's the gospel. The way you've chosen will get you the highest yields per square foot of growing space with the least amount of work involved ...
Al B. FAQt
... are shaded by upper foliage, naturally limiting what they can produce. SoG plants yield between 0.5-1.5oz per plant depending on strain and grow room ... to do your vegging. SoG allows you to grow the best quality and highest yield per amount of lighted floorspace of all methods- and reduces work at harvest ...
Best medium for yeild and speed
... The yields are better than soil though. Aeroponics is the most difficult and/or expensive but gives the highest yields. ... Ph balanced soil works better for me then hydroponics ...
Indoor Marijuana Cultivation - 420 Magazine
... steps you will grow a marijuana plant. To ensure prime quality and the highest yield in the shortest time period, however, a few details are necessary. Soil Your ...
Soil Vs Hydro - 420 Magazine
... you all think? Remember Quality not Quantity. The highest quality bud would be hydro for ... best, followed by cocos, then hydro... the yield may (and I do stress MAY) ...
Octogon by CAP - The Garden's Cure
... was a repost from CAP Guide [hydroponics] compact vertical octagon diy parts list ... yield almost always is very misleading. People tend to report the highest yielding plants ...
Should I do a pH down drip? - 420 Magazine
... the healthiest plants giving you the highest yield. hth I take issue with your ... tweaked" to work just right. A hydroponics system is very similar to an aquarium ...
Additives - The Garden's Cure
... his recommendations has produced the highest yields yet. I've realized a bigger ... The results of an appropriate simplified hydroponic formula that reflects these data best ...
hydroponics vs aeroponic or soil
... THC hydroponic weed. Fingers You've been reading alot of propaganda, the highest THC ... done properly will yield much more than soil. For effort vs yield this method can' ...
24 Plants
... at an average rate and yield. Also what would be the best strain for the highest yield? I've been told that per plant grown hydroponically i could expect 300 ...

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