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Chronic Commercial strain?
... highest yielding ,with still dank bud. I have LSD right now i am giving a shot. I want to experiment with others. Any ideas? Thanks GC Northern lights X BigBud is a great commercial strain ...
High yielding, heat-resistant strains?
High yielding, heat-resistant strains? - Forums Whats up guys... just wondering what are the highest yielding strains that can withstand heat around mid-90s... I was looking at Nirvana's Kaya Gold but it doesn't seem ... easier to grow...Im taking for granted he's a newbie grower? If your looking for great yielding easy to grow Nirvana strain I'd def look into Ak-48 or my personal favorite Snow White.. Both are very resilient and high yielding strains..
When to start flowering? and which method for highest yeild?
... ? and which method for highest yeild? - Forums I have a 4 foot tall 4 foot wide box 20 inches deep, with three k2 seeds I just planted and one Kush.. I want to get the highest yield I can in this box. Which method do you think is most efficient for this strain? lst? scrog? Also im debating sectioning off the last 10 inches for ...
Highest yields? Gonna get some seeds and want to know which has highest yields.
Highest yields? Gonna get some seeds and want to know which has highest yields. - Page ... indoor grow since iv started, i do 1 a time in a dwc with a 250 hps. Getting a dry 6 oz per plant with one 600 hps is easy as ever. I had 4 plants (all different strains ...
Best strain for indoor cab grow?
Best strain for indoor cab grow? Hey what strain would you guys recommend for an indoor stealth cab grow that has the most potency, highest yield, and quickest/easiest grow? dunno for sure, but try lowrider ...
Highest yielding quality from Attitude
... highest yielding plant in the world and have it only produce 1 gram. If you do not know how to grow a heavy producing plant does you no good. What makes you think I won't get a good yield? The fact that haven't grown every strain in attitude arsenal and know which one yield ... indoor ...
indoor high yield seeds?
... highest yielding strain for an indoor grow? im thinking super skunk but i saw something called chronics from mj big bud can be grown in or outdoors any of the white strains have a big yield ...
how do i get the highest yield out of my plants
... highest yield out of my plants Im getting ready to start an indoor grow op and im trying to get as much as i ... is a scrog video flowering will still be the same lenght that that strain requires and potency will not decrease, flowering longer is not recommended because potency ...
Nice Yields
... yield is, any help would be appreciated thanks Originally Posted by hazektown I plan on growing indoor's and was wondering what seeds will give me the highest yields ...
what strain is good for thhese conditions
what strain is good for thhese conditions i am growing indoors and i want to know what strain is best for m conditions.i need the smallest size strain with the highest yield. if some one could respond it would be great. stick with an indica ...

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