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First CFL closet/box grow (super dank bagseed)
... box grow (super dank bagseed) - Page 3 I too am doing a really small grow with cfls lol in my fireplace of all ... what others said about homemade pH'd water. ...
Early Flowering Curling! HELP!
... homemade box, started with a mix of CFL and LED, ... days then water. you guys didnt help at all. okay so i water less. the plants are ...
The Best All Around Guide I've Seen. Covers Everything Nubes!
... in a box and keep the paper towels wet at all times. Applying some heat underneath the box ... of the pest or some sort of homemade pesticide. This recipie works great on most ...
homemade hydroponic system?
... to make a homemade hydroponic system? , i only need it ... end up being a female , i have all the stuff to make a huge ... need to see pictures of my box just let me know ill throw ...
Question About Homemade CO2 jug in the Grow Room.
... Homemade CO2 jug in the Grow Room. Hey all! I have a question. We ... additional question for you guys... I have big box fan blowing on the girls. The jug with ...
1st Grow Indoor stealth box 5 plants
... got (for now!). The box is stainless steel with the ... guy from the start). They all started as seeds in miracle ... take it out? how many homemade co2 bottles are you using ...
My First Grow: Bagseed, all CFL
... to go in my (planned) veg box for moms and a (planned) ... just in case i am going homemade and cheap. I also have ... hope so! I germinated 13 bagseeds (all from one QP) in a towel ...
Homemade Cool Tube Cab
Homemade Cool Tube Cab lemme finish this from beginning to end as it may be a couple posts,,before you post plz The Box ... in place and keep all the back and ...
lighting question for indoor.
... homemade) box#2 is for my mothers and my clones that have been growing in soil until they are about 14 inches tall box#3 is a flowering box ... they are all warm white.. ...
Homemade Reflector - Use it or toss it?
... friends created a homemade reflector and gave one to us for ... , I have my doubts. First of all, it is cut from thin plate ... do I just have a steel box that is going to make the ...

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