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Secret Jardin Grow Lab Club! Wattage doesn't matter!
... run at night. it's basicly a homemade scrubber with couple of computer fans pulling ... setup... do you also use an air cooled hood? Thanks Bork Laventille - my vent setup is ...
Near Future Growroom Design
... plan on vegging? Right now I have a homemade 36 site bubble cloner, that after rooted, I ... to be moved outside. You can still air-cool hoods on a mover, but you have to build ...
I need help with lighting. thanks.
... to need a decent fan to keep things cool and ventilation in check. 400/6 = 66. ... already have the cfls...just remount them into a homemade reflector/hood and you'll see a huge ...
4k Ebb n Flow SOG
... detail about the tables? they look homemade. how did you build them? how ... Air curtains, Circulation pump and heater 4 - Air Cooled hoods 4 - 1000Watt HPS Ballasts 1 - 8" ...
CalBear4Life's Grow Diary (Flood/Drain: OG Kush and ChemDawg D)
... tried the cigarette smoke under a tent to homemade foilar sprays, and I'm not impressed. Thanks ... 42". I have a really large, air-cooled hood so I think I may be able to ...
Ive got $500 to spend ... show me your ideal setup!
... cooled hood or a cool-tube so whatever wattage lamp i end up Im hoping will be able to stay cool ... something. My fan? Stanley blower. Had a homemade carbon filter that I hadn't ...
New EBAY Tent Setup, Advice needed
... currently have a 3.5 light mover, a 1k in homemade cool tube, 2x 400 watt hps in air cooled hoods, and a 600 watt digi hps/mh ballast. For ... the cooltube inline as I posted earlier, it's homemade and attached to a reflector that can't be cooled inline. The light rail is not heavy at ...
2000watt flip/flop SOG
... Kidding, yeah this year I got sick of my homemade aerocloner and bought the biggie, been nice, ... our type systems, i never use air cooled hoods man, they dont do much in reality ...
Keepin Cab Temps Down?
... space (cab) you will need an aircooled hood. Hoosier also brought up another good point ... figures. lol If i was to make a homemade cool tube id have to have a carbon filter ...
2.5x1.8 meter coco scrog, 3 strain bingo!!
... do. The next project will be a homemade bubbler cloner. ... about putting a 600w light in with a cooled hood, that should pop the yeild up there ...

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