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hours of fluorescent lights for vegetative growth

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confused about different lighting for veg and flower times
... of electricity. Alot of growers veg under Fluorescent lighting or lower wattage MH to provide just enough light for vegetative growth so that you can prep it for ...
Future of indoor lighting?
... for vegetative growth. It now appears that LEDs are ready to give the crop everything it needs for high yields and vigorous production in bloom: intense light ...
I read this about Fluorescent lights
... Fluorescent lights I read this about fluorescent lights......Cool white is more blue, and is good for the vegetative stages of growth, and warm white light ...
Basic info on fluorescent lighting - 420 Magazine
... growth, nice green foliage. This fluorescent is high in the blue range, giving off a bright white appearance. I suggest this fluorescent for vegetation ...
What Type of Lighting is Best? - 420 Magazine
... of Lighting is Best? - 420 Magazine Fluorescent or metal halide lighting is best for clones and seedlings. Metal halides are recommended for vegetative growth ...
Too much light?
... of the white/blue spectrum of light that is ideal for vegetative growth. Many growers use MH during the vegetative ...
The Definitive Lighting Guide
... for effective lighting. For vegetative growth, you'll want a lighting ... Fluorescent lights are around 4 to 5 times more efficient at converting electricity to light ...
Easyryder light shedule.
... of blue and red for vegetative growth and the preflowering phase. Once it becomes clear that vegetative growth has ceased in favor of bud growth(end of ...
Growth Influencing Factors- Courtesy Maximum Yield Magazine
... light time to 18 hours. To propagate stem cuttings place them under a six inch humidity dome and provide 18 hours of fluorescent light ...
First Time - Just lookin for some input
... fluorescent light for these two. I began with the light a little too far away and they got stretched out a little. I have recently moved the light ...

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