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how do i keep earwax from sticking

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How do you smoke your hash?
... How do you all smoke your hash, to find this see this clear dome, full melt stuff? I ...
Silk Screen Hash - advice needed - 420 Magazine
... I was looking at one from amazon. I want to make a soft hash versus the very hard heat pressed discs I see in the market so how do I ...
How To: BHO via Turkey Baster
... I use parchment paper to keep it from sticking ... How do you get it from the razor blade into a vial? I suppose I could use my torch lighter, but I'm afraid I ...
Absolute Amber from Banana Silver Ladyboys
... how do you keep the pressure in, which might keep the butane from evaping so quickly? -Since that time that the butane evaped before I could pour it out (and I ...
okay, maybe i'm waaaaaay off... but how bout bong water?
... How beneficial is it for a human to drink blood, other than being the most disgusting thing you could possibly do? I ...
how to smoke honey oil
... do something to insulate it from heat like lotsa duct tape)... now you take your heated knife and stick ...
I'm at my wits end
... How do you think I could fix the lockout? Flush? Yes, I used a very light mix on 1-week-old plants in those same containers. I ...
Why do YOU grow organic?
... from decarboxylation). This is ice water extracted trichomes. how do you get the h2o all the way out of your water hash? how do ...
earwax questions
... Earwax?! That isn't nearly as appetizing sounding as Budder. Which is just whipped oil, no difference from just plain un-whipped oil. How do ...
GrapeStreet Growroom
... I'd have to stop LSTing my plants and stick to pole-colas. I'm still not sure what to do. I ...

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