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how long before pollen sacks open

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How Long Before Pollen Drop
How Long Before Pollen Drop [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Aprox. How long after preflowering (12/12 immediatly first sign of sex) before the pods open ...
How long to harvest pollen sacks
How long to harvest pollen sacks - Forums I got a couple males that are 8 days into flower and the balls are very noticeable. I am just wondering how long ...
Male Cannabis plant, How long till Pollen?? - 420 Magazine
... how long does it take for them to ripen, then split open to drop the pollen ... long before ...
How long......????????????
... open into small petaled flowers the pollen has been relesed. you must pull them before the pollen sacks open ...
How long before a male can fertilize a female?
... pollen sacks as well. i don't want to throw it out yet untill i am 100% sure ! how long do i have before ... heh. Peace Actually the balls open, drop pollen and leave behind what ...
wtf! Are those pollen sacks?
... pollen sacks? - Forums Basically I am growing this plant on my window. About a month ago it`s started developing strange sacks. Can those be pollen sacks ...
wtf! Are those pollen sacks?
... pollen sacks? ... my leaves in boiling water long? Then strain -- chuck away leaf ... I dry those leaves before making any tea? No ... force feed the small opening of a kettle ...
so i got some male pollen sacks!
... pollen sacks! i have a ww and humbolt purple the currently on there third week of flower and i seen that my humbolt purps has male pollen sacks ... long before ...
Days until pollen sacs open???
... schedule. How long before those sacs open up?? I certainly do not want the pollen to spread around ... help out. In my experience, the pollen sacks will start to ripen and turn ...
... how long before the other shows? 3 - How many days after the pre-flowers show do i have before ... some time before they product large enough pollen sacks that will burst open.... ...

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