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how many 5 gallon buckets in a 2x4 grow

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Growing with LEDs in a 2x4 Tent
... grow! SUBSCRIBED! nice grow man can wait to see it done im currently runnin 2 ufos in a 2x4 tent and would love to compare how many plants did u fit in ...
Lets Build a Bubble Bucket *Step by Step*
... in this thread too I just don't have time to go through the 53 pages for it ha... But for a 5 gallon bucket ...
Multiple Strain Scrog Closet Grow
... grow into the air..the roots die..on the outside..your using 5 gallon buckets..hardly think your rootbound already....just a root followin the path of least ...
easyryder (auto ak x lr2) and fastbud deep into flower w pics
... a new home and am currently strapped for space and such, i have 8 total plants in there the buckets are 5 gallon buckets, its a ...
Greenislands 5 Gallon Upgrade Ebb & Gro TEK - 420 Magazine
... 5 gallon buckets. Next I would lay out all your buckets including the control bucket exactly how you want them in the grow room, this way you know exactly how ...
New Compost Tea Brewer
... in a 5 gallon bucket. I was fairly happy with this design, but imagined there were some 'dead zones' along the bottom of the bucket ...
I'm Starting up a Grow Room
... in a 5 gallon bucket, but i don't recommend it. Your plants won't appreciate it much either and it will probably become more of a pain in ...
250 MH/HPS grow - can't decide plant #'s - all info inside!
... how many I should do, I'm shooting for at least 110-125g's as a ... a 250 hps in a 2x4 ...
1000w 4x4 Grow Tent......NEED ADVICE
... a filter that is slightly larger so that there is more contact time between the carbon and air. As far as how many plants you can grow ... grow and i did 7 plants in a 2x4 ...
Auto Red Dwarf, 2x4 tent, first Grow 600W
... a 3 1/2 gallon bucket with a 10 in net cup lid thought maybe I can try just one plant hydro n if get it all dialed in ...

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