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how many gram of kief per cup of glycerin

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... glycerin ... grams. Then figure out how many doses you want that joint to hold (figure 1mg per dose) and mix that amount with the amount of ...
Tonatiuhs' Oasis [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... how many stitches there is bro,i think its just a few though because most of ...
Easiest way to make hash! Quick Wash ISO!
... of cannabis to hash? 2-5 grams? Ive never smoked this stuff but a gram would get you high how many ...
HOLY SHIT! Holy Anointing Oil from Exodus.
... of the coconut oil with Almond or Olive oil to keep it flowing. I keep my topical, which has 8 grams per 10 grams of cannabis oil, instead of ...
BadKat's CannaPharm: Canna Caps, UV Reactive GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna 'Bombs' & more
... grams of resin extract equivalent per candy, so .5-2 grams THC per candy. How ...
Absolute Amber from Banana Silver Ladyboys
... of a percentage of dry weight. what dry weight corresponds to 55 grams of fresh flowers? Suppose that 20 grams, from this point the yield of ...
BHO Hard Candy Recipe
... of sugar. With raw Kief, I am using 2 grams of Kief per cup of sugar. Same intensity and effect. They actually taste and look better with raw Kief. What more can I say? How ...
BadKat's CannaPharm: Canna Caps, UV Reactive GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna 'Bombs' & more
... grams, of finely sifted hash or kief. I usually use around 5.5-5.7 grams ... of drinks you need) - Dragon or a tincture, alcohol or glycerin ...
Glycerin Tincture
... of the essence and the availability of bud is not an issue. Non-advanced forum member answer - "The usual ratio is 1oz of prime bud per one cup of Glycerin ...
Marijuana soda, Marijuana drinks how to?
... cup of glycerine mixture you have, you will end up with approximately 4800 drops (or 1600 doses) if strained completely. For only one gram of herb and 8.5ml of glycerine ...

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