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How to make Hash?
... to follow to make hash? Yes i would like to know to How to Make ... is completely dry. To crumble the plant matter ... vegetative oils, waxes, chlorophyll, etc. ...
Get your BHO answers/info HERE
... to know how to make it. I'm not a beginner, but I'm with you chronick in wanting to learn how to make wax. Im really close as what I have made to ...
Anybody know how to make earwax? - 420 Magazine
... crumble in as you fold it like taffy and it has a consistency of wax ... to guess how we make it. Some people who know us and who think they know how to make it are threatening to ...
How to make good quality bubble hash quickly and easily - a step by step guide - THCfarmer
How to make ... to be very good. This is not always the case however. I have on occasion gotten some batches that were very crumbly ...
CO2 hash oil extraction? How to?
... crumbles like maple sugar which would lead end users to ... such as waxes and pigments from ... to the CO2 method as well. Well any enlightenment on where to find more or how to make ...
Easiest way to make hash! Quick Wash ISO!
... want to make some but just curious on the return. I've been meaning to say thanks for this thread.How simple and effective. any chance to use the same way to ... shmike bro! That stuff is the same as the stuff you showed me how to make, I just let it sit out and dry for a week and then ...
BHO rules! - Nice oil pictures thread - THCfarmer
... to try something different. I only know how to make ...
How to Properly Cure your Buds - Dry and Jar Method
... .jpg Ok, I wanted to make this thread simply due to some odd information and ... variations of how to "properly" do this. This is just mine, feel free to add ...
"Jar of baked beans and an empty wallet" or how to save money at home
... make your own chili mac. Or toss in some sliced up hot dogs to stretch it out. Grilled cheese sandwiches are cheap to make ...
... wax ... to make crapy hash into da bomb, is to make ... How to clean ... to find it with my searches . apparently there is a vid on youtube. :smoweed: :smoweed: :smoweed: stirring crumbled ...

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