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how much canna coco a+b for seedlings?
how much canna coco a+b for seedlings? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums what would be the best combo of canna a+b ...
How to flush coco pre-harvest?
How to flush coco ... coco so maybe i can beat that plant with a coco 1 overtime both the cups i just won were grown on a wilma sytem in coco pots recirculated with cana a-b ...
Controlling nitrogen (N) with general-purpose coco A+B nutes
... coco A+B nutes [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums :nono: :nono: The only way I can think of would be using the nute calculator to mix ...
... COCO A B MOMS RUN TO WAIST I [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums OK i want to put together a system for moms run to waist useing cana coco and cana A B ...
Question about Canna Coco A + B
... a dripper..... never had an issue with canna coco a/b RO water is the way to start.... have you tried feeding them anyways with the solution you mixed ...
House and Garden Coco A/B users?
... Coco. I used them for a couple weeks to hold me over until the Coco A/B ...
Wanting to give coco a go
... to 12ml per gallon and have started using Sensi Bloom A & B. I was very happy with Canna Coco A & B ...
want to give coco a go, Organicare Pure granular ferts
... to fulfill the cation exchange capacity. Just yesterday I expanded a Botanicare brick with this formula 1 gallon RO filtered water 7.5ml Canna Coco A 7.5ml Canna Coco B ...
Question for the Canna Coco A/B users
... to 6.0 or bump down to 5.6? So with canna coco a/b, ph 5.8 is the target right? I mix my well water with RO, mixed to ...
Adding humic/fulvic acid to the canna a/b for flavor?
... to myself to have a great impact on the final product from coco grown plants. So... RO Coco mix, Canna A+B, and Cal-Mag Plus as a ...

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