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Itsy "How To Stealth Your High" Guide
... How To Stealth Your High" Guide - Forums Itsy "How To Stealth Your High" Guide I wrote this for ... , causing them to dry out and become irritated. One puff lowers the ability of the larynx to rehydrate itself for about three hours. The vocal cords begin to change during ...
First Time! Need help.>> How to transfer baby plants <<
First Time! Need help.>> How to transfer baby plants
How to slow drying? - The Garden's Cure
How to slow drying? - The Garden's Cure Hello all, I am having a slight problem and I am hoping someone can come up with a good solution! Tonight I had to ... bit too dry, when you manicure them for the cure, you could rehydrate them using fan leaves or lettuce, bread, etc... Good growing, Plains Thank ...
ideas on how to kill algae???
... green agae is takin its nutes, any ideas on how to kill this without destroyin or puttin to much chemicals into my food or any suggestions apprecaiteded ... green leaves startin from the bottom and the rest r startin to look more rehydrated. i would rather not go with more chems if i cover ...
How to Properly Cure your Buds - Dry and Jar Method
... out a way for people to enjoy their hard work using the tried and true Dry and Jar method. There are many personal variations of how to "properly" do this. This is just mine, feel free to add your own! Ok, It's Harvest Day! After much jubilation, gather your supplies! You are going to need some good scissors (no wuss scissors people, these have to true ...
how to make brick weed fluffy...?
... to start to rehydrate enough for it to start coming apart pretty easy, and to fluff up a bit. Then I would take it and spread it out on my coffee table for a couple hours to ...
How to give back your cured bud it's dank?
... rehydrating. I suggest either insert a fresh fan leaf in the jar to rehydrate, or use your finger under a running faucet to collect only a few droplets of water to ...
How to eliminate lingering weed smell in house?
How to eliminate lingering weed smell in house? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Smell has got to be the number way one to get ... to make it smell really bad - burn that bacon. On a more practical note - ONA gel is the shizznit, plus you can just add the liquid to it to rehydrate ...
How to take green taste out of weed dried in a dehydrator
... to bring it back around.Its purple kush and purple kush cross.Thanks for any and all info-BigD You need to rehydrate the weed very slightly and seal it in an air-tight jar to ...
Curing, the best answer for the HOW TO CURE/WHY ITS SO IMPORTANT, Ive ever read.
... to rehydrate the buds. If you have gone past 55%^ humidity and try to rehydrate ...

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