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Stelthy's 600W Hps Project! (New-Cab)
... grow in a few months or so (Got family commitments etc) - STELTHY Hi Stealthy. How loud ...
Stelthy's 600W Hps Project! (New-Cab)
... grow room! I've just got a quick question...I see you've got 3 small intake fans at bottom of the room, could you tell me how ... adapter to reveal the 2 wires and ... it's loud as fuck ...
I Need Help. Is It Possible to Top Plants 30 Days into Flowering?
... marijuana plant, the auxins are most heavily distributed to the top/uppermost growth. The plant identifies this growth as its top and strives to grow ... loud ...
I Need Help. Is It Possible to Top Plants 30 Days into Flowering?
... how bad of information that is. Here is basic math for you because i guess you ditched that day. 1+1 = 2 ... pictures of your grow? Oh wait.... ... crying out loud sheesh. ...
Does the Length of 'Day' (lghts on PLUS lights off), Have to be 24 hours?
... 2 ... , (or how they ... way to grow weed let ... marijuana forums, you may, just may, actually learn something about plants that may prove useful. Let me just laugh the fuck out loud ...
So am i Crazy.... Oxygen Injection
... loud ... 2 pots and had it very slowly bubbling away for the whole grow ...
1000W Cougar Kush x3 and Blackberry///Soil to Aero
... you marijuana Growing Enthusiasts ... I use nutes? How much longer should I ... loud. I am leaning towards Panasonics' Whisper Line series. They have 450 CFM fans that run about 1.2 ...
YATGB (yet another tub grow box) 1st FAIL...!!!
... my first grow... I am growing two White ... leaves unopened... Day 2 - Good Growth Veronica ... db... Kinda loud for my taste ... We will see how close I ... ...
My third grow, Afghan weed
... have mad a discovery about growing marijuana .. the size of the ... queens =P. Female #1: Female #2 I see the Hps ... how loud a single light fixture could be, it's almost as loud ...
Newbie - But I need help with a good idea!
... I was recently interested in growing strictly my own marijuana . I only wanted 2 or 3 plants. I ... That might be a problem for some people. How loud is this going to be? I have ...

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