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how long after starting flowering do plants show sex

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is it too late to stop flowering?
... how long you have been flowering, itll only take longer to start growing again the farther into flowering it has gone. If you dont even have any signs of sex ...
HPS to CFL..caused flowering???
... flowering, only the photoperiod will. Is it possible they are just starting to show sex, mine do when I run femenized seeds long ...
How many cfls do i need
... how long will it take to start flowering... that depends, some plants will show sex ...
New To This. Indoor Plant Help!
... plant together and how long does it take after you first start ...
New To This. Indoor Plant Help!
... how old/big the plants should be before you start the flowering process? start flowering when the plant ...
From Seed/Sprout To sex
... sex ... good one that will take long into flowering them no hurry on that so. you have to veg your plants for a while first, after that you can start ...
Sexing my outdoor plants
... how long until i can sex them? U can sex them whenever u want man, u can start sexing ...
females flower before males?
... starting to mature and the plants are showing their sex. There are 5 plants with white hair pre flowers but the others don't and are hard to call. These others do ...
been given a plant! now what?
... plant looks realy healthy. its just started to show sex ( female ) what do i do ? its now under a 15w fluro . but do ...
How do you grow outdoors if year round its always 11-12 hours of sunlight?
... how the short and long ... do any kind of growing indoors. So the plants will automatically flower outside then..? yes they will when there old enough to start showing sex ...

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