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Aeroponics Pics Veg stage - 420 Magazine
... to day 30 in veg stage. Also ... in the right range and ppm in the right range and change it frequently (I do every two weeks religiously). It doesn't take long ... time? How much do ...
Seedling to Veg... - The Garden's Cure
... Veg... - The Garden's Cure About how long after breaking the soil would you consider it ... is the first feed, I'd say they're in veg mode. Some would say once the seed husk falls ...
How much weed do you get? - The Garden's Cure
... maximum rate. Kindof like how I can't give you ... in Alaska during the summer will not be harmful. Plants will still be in veg ... summer in front of it= no flowering for a long time ...
how long should i wait? - The Garden's Cure
how long should i wait ... read somewhere that some folks let thier plants veg for up to 6 months before they ... cover it so no light can get in with whatever you can find that will ...
when should the pumps be on during the veg. cycle and flowering cycle plz answer - The Garden's Cure
... system so during veg. The plants will be under the 24 hr light cycle so how long would the water have to be on and also in the flowering cycle ... the plants arte in 1" rockwool cubes. the veg. pump is 300 as well as the flowering one. with 2 GPH drip emmiters so how long to i want ...
Using miracle grow a good idea? - The Garden's Cure
... how much would be smart to add and how long into veg stage would i start using it? Miracle Gro can be used for vegging ... , look my pics up in my other posts in the Grow section ...
Luxx's 2nd Grow Perpetual Closet and Cab Setup - 420 Magazine
... and Cab Setup - Page 4 - 420 Magazine how long in did u switch to 18/6? oh ... in giving plants some sleepy time every day. I'm doing 20/4 with the Kali but go 18/6 for veg ...
How long to use each fert? - The Garden's Cure
... is this, how long do I ... in my soil grows and didn't see a problem. I actually continue with veg nutes with increased P until week 2 of flowering. I was advised this long ...
Plants Need Help!! How To Fix Asap? - The Garden's Cure
... in flower, 5 weeks in veg (started in veg) How tall are the plants? 11-15" What PHASE are the plants in? Flowering and veg ...
How long to use Azamax after mites are gone? - The Garden's Cure
How long to use Azamax after mites are gone? - The ... question is, how much longer do I need to spray / pour this product on / into the Moms in veg? Note: the Ladies now in the ...

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