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how long to veg from seed before flowering

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cloning question
... from seed. how long will i have to veg my plants before i can take clones from ...
seeds from nirvana. quick question
... how long would veg stage take for wonder woman. 6 weeks is great for flowering but is it gonna take forever n Veg? Wonder Woman [Nirvana seed ...
Genetics And Flowering
... to try and force flower their plants from seed... flowering at four weeks veg rather than waiting the IMO very minimal 6 weeks veg. You should flower ...
when is it time to flower
... to flower my plants are 5 weeks old (but look like they're 3) how long should i let them veg before i start to flower ...
clones & pre flowers
... flowers so from seed if i understand correctly generally takes 2-months to pre-flower? well if i cloned from female with pre-flowers ...
Best Plant Number for 8ftx8ftx8ft flowering room
... how things go. I currently have a separate veg room [4x6x8] and on a 2.5 month cycle. Girls get to veg for 9-10 weeks from ...
How long until sex shows?
How long ... to clone them from 3 different bag seeds, due to lack of money to fund the whole buyin seeds, but im workin on that. i tooke clones, and put them into flower ...
sorta noobish grow question
... to answer your first question yes its possible to grow in a sterilite from seed to bud and to answer your second queston you can take a clone from a flowering ...
Induce Flowering, Height?
... to determine when to flower. And they will double, even triple in height during flowering. If you bought the seeds online, they usually list how long the flowering ...
Mother Plant Age Before Cloning??
... long time, or you can do what I do and just take a couple of cuttings from a plant before flowering it. My clones take about 3 weeks from cutting to grow to ...

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