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New sprouts?:)
... sprout with CFLs until true leaves form, then throw them outside. how long do you keep the cfl's on the babies (HOURS)?? & do you put the new sprouts ...
Sex: How To Determine At An Early Stage
... how I determine sex at an early stage. The first signs we look for when determining plant sex usually emerge between day 35 and 45 from seed sprout ...
F#cken BS...nirvana seeds cracked but not sprouting...BS
... How long are you soaking your seeds before you are planting them?? nirvina sucks they are like the wal-mart of seeds ...
my seed isnt leaving, i dont know if this is normal?
... seed is broken in half and you can really see the leaves, but the seed hulls are still attatched how long does it normally take for the seed ...
I've put the seed in pots outside on May 14 & 2 pots May 16. No tip/sprouts yet! - The Garden's Cure
... am not familiar with how long it takes to ... Seeds need moist warm soil to germ. If they don't have that, they will just sit until the conditions change. You should see sprouts ...
First time grower !!! [Bag-seeds] - Stoner Forums
... seeds in warm water for 24hrs. I used the moist paper towel trick to get them to sprout ... and gradually increase until you reach the ... now?? If so how long with/without lights ?? ...
Lemon Haze from seed grow log (first grow log) - Stoner Forums
... seeds. cool long did you have the seeds in the water before you planted them? well I had them in until ...
Seeds in California - Stoner Forums
... until ... seeds from Holland 5 years ago or so and none sprouted either. Know a grower out of state and will try to buy from him. my seeds sprout ...
10 chronic seeds...plse provide step by step guide for best germ - The Garden's Cure
... seed on top of the dampened towlette? 4. place the seed 1cm in the cube of rockwool? 5. 40 watt fluro light on them straight away? 6. for how long ...
paper towel or - The Garden's Cure
... untill they sprout??? can they sprout in the dark?? I keep a light on mine but I do that because it warms the rockwool cubes a little. As long ... love how i ... dropped the seeds on ...

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