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how many 1000 watt mh lights 3x3

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"Pirates Cave" (and a Perpetual Sea Of Green)
... I can tell already how many people you are ... harvest weight for a 3x3 table. I can live ... watt MH from my mudder room and installed a 1000 watter. The mudders love the big light ...
2K on Light Mover - Three 3x3 Rockwool Trays
... Watts Quantum Digital Ballasts Radiant 8 Hoods Light Rail 3.5 3 3x3 ...
NorthernKronic's- New Place, New Space, New Grow, Let's GO!
... how the 1000 watt with the air cooled hood only runs 3 degrees hotter in the tent than an unvented 430 watt ...
SYK's Killer Bucket System (KBS) Suggestion/Discussion Thread
... how do you veg plants? I put 4 plants around a 1000 watt MH ...
600w too much for 2x3???
... watts will do just fine in that space. 600 watts HPS is pretty close to a (almost) 1 year old 1000 watt MH anyway. Maybe brighter :) Smile MH ... how many ...
How to set up my 6 plant med grow!
... many options lol Questions: What would you do with the same situation? How much light ... 1000 is so much hotter? 600=153 lumens per watt and the 1000=140 lumens per watt ... mh ... 3x3 ...
1 Plant, 1 Light, 1 Lb. Goal
... how close it wants to be to light. not many tree gardeners around ic now... used to be plenty... the only limitation for closeness of light is temp of the light ...
Ten thousand dollar budget... suggestions
... the 1000 watt mh ... how many ... lights- which is 18 plants per light or 4x4 space. Anyone shed any light on these two schools of thought? I was basing this on a scrog grow with 3x3 ...
The growing large plants, outdoors, thread... [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... how many night with supp light would trigger flowering to the point where it wouldnt keep vegging/ or easily revert back to veg? :wave: You can run sup light ... .5k watt ... mh and ...
... many grows". How about you back up that claim with some rational? And trust me, I am not idiot, unless you can explain aspects of light ...

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