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how many nodes should i have before flower

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When should I start flowering??
... should I start flowering?? I've had a few posts in the past about my 1st grow - I ...
Bubble Gum in cabinet. When to flower? Pics!
... nodes. My question is, when SHOULD I start to flower -I have a cabinet with 1 sq. ft. of space and a 70w HPS light where I ...
... I have 90 more days of total growth, how many of those days should I continue it on veg, and how many days should I allow for flowering? Innitially I ...
how many rows of leaves before switching light cycle?
... I dont know what the right term for everything is, im learning though). My question is: How many rows of leaves should you let your plant grow to, before ...
outdoor - when should i start
... i harvested ,I took clones just before flowering and the parts of the branch that i cut turned black and somehow promoted budrot on my girl. I had to chop early otherwise I ...
questions, second indoor grow... - THCfarmer
... how much veg time would be needed to acquire 1 oz per plant, with no training mind you? Or I guess the proper question would be how many nodes should I shoot for before I ...
New Farmer: have questions - flowering, sexing. - THCfarmer
... nodes, I have like 6 leaves coming off each node on one. How long should I wait until I can see evidence of flowering ...
What MAGUS strain should I pick?
... how it keeps after a period of time(Aging). Maybe we should start a thread discussing the different aged strains and their fine aspect. I have ...
... flowering just yet, maybe a week or 2. is it ok to start flowering when i don't have the ferts, what should i do in the mean time until i ...
"I have to go to the bathroom"
... i don't really need to force the clones - just want to make sure i have some good keepers started before i throw the principals into flower. I ...

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