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Outdoor guerilla plots
... How many "Things" is it OK to KILL to protect a plant ... 2-3m trees ... x grape, grape x amnesia x, bubba x x grape, danish gold x grape, htc dc\arne x grape and carpatian x ...
400W Medicine Cupboard [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... good to see how many other ... /fuel X OG dankness ... plants approximately 1.2-1.3m tall, this is to take advantage of the side lighting, the aim being to illuminate all of the plant ...
How many lights would you use?
... 't know quite how many levels of plants, been thinking 5 or 6 ... x (0.6m x 0.6m) x 2m = 2.26m3 VD2 - 2.26m3 - Pi x (0.4m x 0.4m) x 2m) = 1.26m3 4) D - 1.3m, D2 - 0.9m Cr - 1.3m x ...
... You would be surprised of how many different types of people ... plants. Here is a shot of the sativas i got goin on. Columbian x ... some filter fabric from 3M at hoemdepot, and used ...
BigTokes ~ "How-To" Of The Bio-Buckets 101 [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... how many times it flows upwards? so 3' x ... x 3m is going to get very tight in depth? You might think about expanding to 1.5-2m x 3m ...
Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) Catalogues from the 1980's - rare archival images. - 420 Magazine
... many of these book but lost all in my recent divorce as well as all seed stock of every plant ... a grow space of 3m X 2m, and was, unfortunately ... first grow and how I went on to ...
yellow/lime blotches on leaves?
... How many weeks, considering I am at week 5, will it take before I should be able to confidently determine sex? And how many ...
under the sun 2011
... x Danish Gold. Plant growing very fast, it is strong and look so much healhy. This plant has got potential on 3m ... of your plants! Many of ... 740466 Nice plants Esbe.....Hows the ...
Discussion of the pragmatic application of LED's
... how crowded is the grow area (how many ...
search for that winner Sour Diesel mum
... plants? Slab grow..... in pots?? How are those momma's doing now anyway.... Oh and last but not least when you find a mom, how many plants ... 3m ...

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