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pics included, need help with flowering plant
... flowering and most greening supplements have some N in the mix. i like to add a pinch of Epsom salts ...
First mj grow : 2 (Flo)'s , (Mango) , (Ak 47) , and (Killer queen). - Stoner Forums
... epsom salts, iff ur plants are 5ft they will at least double in size maybe near on triple , i flower ... how much a chopped off below the net all that was their before flowering ...
PH & Magnesium Deficiency - The Garden's Cure
... grow reports about adding Epsom Salts, but since I never ... I say EC, I mean how much "salt" you have in the ... is especially the case during flowering, the PH rise will ...
A top nutrient study: Which is the best? Produces most? - 420 Magazine
... even when curbing use during flowering the buds took on ... Kieserite, a major ingredient in Epsom salts is included in the ... in terms of how much is needed during the plants entire ...
Super Skunk - 420 Magazine
... vary along with smell and other features, seeming to be connected to how much epsom salts I used during flower. I am sticking with 2 teaspoons per gallon every time I water ...
Bubbler Tub Grow Method How-To - 420 Magazine
... hold 3X as much ... Epsom salts ... How do you control the temp of the water/nute solution? I will be running 10 4ft 5000K t5 bulbs during veg and a single 600 watt HPS during flower ...
What do the different nutrients mean to Cannabis? - 420 Magazine
... much Ca or ammonium nitrogen, and possibly cold weather. Phosphorous - Some deficiency during flowering is normal, but too much ...
Why everyone should use hydrogen peroxide everyday! - 420 Magazine
... As far as how much,,,3ml/gallon in ... , lawn, and flowers?" My ... distribute it evenly during the next 24 ... 35% H2O2, cup sea salt, cup baking soda or Epsom salts to bath ...
Any tips on how to help this lil girl out? - The Garden's Cure
... on atleast 100% size during the flowering stretch. She just ... but you might be surprised at how much may be available, those ... I hit her with some epsom salts and she's got more ...
Could flowering be accidental ? - The Garden's Cure
... epsom salts ... flowering is a chemical build up in the dark, why is it not posssible for this chemical tp buil;d up during ...

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