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500G in a 3x3 600w?
... in a 3x3 600w? [Archive] - International ... how much veg time would be needed? Strain and choice of medium will be big factors in how well you can push over a pound in ...
New To Growing In an Ikea Closet
... in Cab Potted yesterday using rebo's recipe :laughing: and sprayed surface with water and added hydroton ... in the flex duct, you wouldn't believe how much ...
How do I get the biggest yeild out of a 400w HPS?
... hydroton and they just loved it! its a very cheap way to go efficient, safe and without much ... . How many seeds you got and how much space? ... , maybe more in a run. 3x3 and small ...
new to flood tables, how often to flood??
... how much time it takes for hydroton to dry up,then set your timer accordingly and watch the hydroton for dryness in ...
First Time 3x3 flood tables??Any tips hints tricks bewares??!!
... how much did you yeild with the 12 plants 3x3 and 40 plants 3x3 ...
... 5 gallon buckets and hydroton ,top ... in early 12/12. Good healthy looking girls you've got there :D Big Smile FLIP!! how much ... 3x3 area, maybe 4x4. I would put the smaller ones in ...
1000W 3x3 ScROG (Round 2)
... 3x3 bed of hydroton. The cab ride was scary man it wouldn't fit so we put the trays in ... grow. How much longer do you think? Great pics and excellent grow. How much longer do ...
Tical's first hydro grow! 3x3 table, 600wHPS
... in a soil less medium in 3 inch square pots before I put them in the hydroton ... its amazing how much growth has gone on in 10 days ... clones on that 3x3 table. heres some dried nug ...
1k RWDC in Hydrohut tent
... in sealed Co2 systems I knew they were in there for some reason. thats a real good tent u got there man how much ... in UC. Or do you think they will take to the moist hydroton in ...
the Hand Watering coco thread [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... in my vegging plants (red stems, stunted growth, light green small leaves). Basically I dont know how much ... to do 3 of them in coco and 3 of them in hydroton. Both will be fed ...

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